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Dillon Carroll - Assistant Web Master of Carroll's Corner

Carroll's Corner was established by Esther & Gene Carroll 6 June 1998 & has now been providing free on-line Washington County & southeast Missouri genealogical & historical information for 10 years. Esther began genealogy research in 1971 & gradually over the last 10 years has been placing the 35+ years of information she has collected on-line for the benefit of others while still continuing to do additional research.  Other researchers have also graciously contributed information for the site which is very much appreciated.  Carroll's Corner has had thousands of visitors from all over the world & has won several internet awards for educational & genealogy excellence.


Carroll's Corner contains information from the earliest days of the settlement of Washington County & southeast Missouri in the 1700's up to the present.  The histories include interesting & adventurous true stories of Indians, early French settlers & other pioneers, the Trail of Tears in Washington County, the Civil War in Washington County, various family genealogies, Pictures of Historic & Scenic Sites in & Around Washington County including churches, cemeteries & tombstones, historic homes & other buildings, town histories, Washington County Spooky Stuff & much, much more.

Many people have the misconception that the Carrolls are paid for what they do.  They are not.  And Carroll's Corner is not associated with any group, business, agency or organization.  The Carrolls receive no monetary or financial assistance from any source regarding Carroll's Corner.  Esther & Gene Carroll consider their time & work as a “labor of love” & a volunteer service to the community.  Their research expenses, web space & domain name are paid for out of their own pocket. 

Carroll's Corner is frequently updated as new information is always being added. To view this educational, informative & entertaining 100+  megabyte site please go to:  www.carrollscorner.net/  & kick back & visit a spell - you never know who (or what) you might find at Carroll's Corner!

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