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Family History

NOTE: Gene Carroll is descended from both John & Dennis Conner.
Both are sons of Martin Conner

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CORA ALICE CONNER was Gene's grandmother.
b: 1892 at Brumley, Missouri was the daughter of  Amanda Clementine Martin and Walter Pleasant Conner
d:  1943 Barnett, Mo.
m: William Jackson Carroll 1908 - they would become the parents of 15 children, some of whom died in infancy.


b: 10 July 1861 at Bagnell, Missouri.  He was the son of Amy McComb and Walter T. Conner. 
d:  1945 Kansas City, Mo.
m: 1888 Walter married his second cousin Amanda Clementine Martin

Children of Amanda & Walter:

Cora Alice - m: William Jackson Carroll









b: circa 1826 in Missouri.  He was the son of Margaret Elizabeth Hines and John Conner.
d:  1898 and is buried in Freedom Cemetery, Camden County, Missouri.
m:  In 1844 in Miller County, Missouri Walter married Amy McComb

Children of Amy & Walter:

John L.

William H.

Jacob F.

Sarah J.

James T.

David W.

Mason M.

Walter Pleasant



b:  1792/93 in Georgia. He was the son of Martha and Martin Conner.
d:  John died circa 1855 in Missouri.
m:  In 1824 in Cole County, Missouri John married Margaret Elizabeth Hines who was the daughter of Jacob HINES

Children of Margaret & John:

Sarah K.

Walter T.








MARTIN CONNER - Early information that I acquired from various Conner researchers many years ago indicated that Martin Conner was born in Ireland.   It was said that he came to the United States in 1775 to fight in the American Revolution.  He supposedly served under Gen. Lafayette.  However I have recently been informed by another Conner researcher that Martin may have been born in Georgia so the previous information may not be entirely accurate.  More research will be needed to verify.  Martin Conner died in 1825 in Cooper County, Missouri.

The deposition of Magnus Tullock of Blount County Tennessee in 1832 regarding his service in the Revolutionary War mentions a Capt. Martin Coner:

".........we were marched to the state of Georgia to Augusta a ferry at New Richmond, then next down opposite to Augusta, the British at that time was in possession of the town, we were stationed on the opposite side of the river where we torn up a battery, no officers higher in command then Captains, they were a part of three companies, one Captain Martin Coner a militia man, the other were enlisted they called independents."

  At one time the name Conner is believed to have been spelled O'Conner.  Martin's wife's name was Martha, maiden name unkown. 

Martha and Martin were the parents of eleven children:

John* b:1793/95 in Georgia & died 1855  Miller Co., Mo.; 

Pleasant b. 10 Jan. 1795 Georgia,  m:17 Oct. 1821 Cole Co., Mo., d: 19 Apr. 1874 Miller Co., Mo.;

Allen b: 1798 South Carolina, m: Elizabeth Snodgrass 1827 Cooper Co., Mo., d: ?? Moniteau Co., Mo.;  

Elizabeth "Betsy" b: 1799 Georgia, m: David Cooper;  

Sterling/Starling b: 1800 North Carolina, m: 1) Mary "Polly" Cotten, 1829 Cooper Co., Mo., 2) Margaret Kelsay Kays 1857 Morgan Co., Mo., Starling died 1872 in Miller Co., Mo. & is buried in Riley Lamm Cemetery; 

Jane "Jensy" b: 4 March 1801 Tennessee, m: David Wadley 1825 Cooper Co., Mo., d: 16 March 1855 Miller Co., Mo.; 

Wilson"Wilkes" b: 1804 South Carolina, m: Delilah Wolf 1830 Cooper Co., Mo. d:??; 

Dennis* b: 1805 S.C. or Ga., m: 1828/30 Susannah A. Burger, d: 24 May 1872 Aurora Springs, Miller Co., Mo., Blue Springs Cemetery;  Susannah & Dennis were the parents of eight children: Martha Ann, Joseph, Susan, Mary Elizabeth*, James, John, Josiah, Sabina.  Dennis died in 1875 at Blue Springs, Miller County, Missouri.  Susannah lived to be 102 - 105 years old.  She was born in 1810 in Tennessee and died in 1912 or 1915 at Blue Springs, Miller County, Missouri. 

Sally b:1810 ?Cooper Co., Mo., d:?1815 Cooper Co., Mo.; 

Martha b:1814, m: Edward Elliott 1843 Cooper Co., Mo. d: ??;  &

Mary Elizabeth b: 1820 Ky. or Mo., m: 1835 Cooper Co., Mo. William McDaniel, d:  1869 Miller Co., Mo.


Conner Family Genealogy Forum

The Heritage Corporation of Dublin, Ireland
produces an EXCELLENT one hour video
on the Conners of Ireland.


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I have a Martin Conner from County Offaly b. 1767  i have no wife for him.  I show this one died in abut 1815 but where there is one Maring Conner there will be others and they kept giving the same name to cousins....so you should be looking in County Offaly...and that gets difficult to do.  Offaly was first the Kingdom of Offaly, and it was ruled by the O'Connor family Sept up until about the 1600s.  But the English created the counties of KIng's, Queen's, and Lexi  and part of Kildare form the Kingdom of offaly.  So you have to look in all those counties. In 1921 the coutnies of King's and Queen's were abolished and a few other counties were created along with the present Coutny Offlay. I find my best records in Kildare County not in Offaly Coutny.

I can send you my working file on the clan or I can send you a GEDCOM file on the Offaly if that will help you. Yes indeed the O'Connor families of Offaly had some families that used the spelling of Conner. There is a large group of Conner's living in Cork form the 1600s and they spell the name as Conner and sometimes you find it as Connor.  I am looking in Cork too. Harold



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