Pictures submitted by:  Scott Littles


1870 - Martha Alice Dicus was born to Jane Hawkins & Brad Dicus.

m: Alvin Stotler who was a half brother to William Rhodes


Alvin Stotler and the family:  Taken in 1905 the Little girl on the right is my great-grandma, Ada Stotler. Back row left to right: Clarence Stotler born apr 21 1891 in Reynolds county Missouri (half bro) chrissy berry (half sis) Angeline Stotler (bates)(alvin's sis) front row left to right: Zora born in 1902 in Alton Missouri (sis) Alvin stotler born Nov 10 1843 Crawford county Missouri and died Apr 12 1932 in Alton Missouri (dad) Martha Alice Stotler (born Feb 14 1869 in Washington County,, Missouri and died Jan 6 1948)(mom) Ada Mae Stotler born Dec 4 1899 Reynolds County Missouri and died Apr 16 1991. baby is Elsie born may 1904 Alton Missouri and died july 1929 in Alton Missouri (sis) Alice was pregnant with Ollie born Oct 28 1906 Ellington Missouri and died Dec 18 1987 Ponca city, Oklahoma


Left:  Ada Mae Stotler

Above:  Paralee




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