George M. G. Doggett:
1817 - born in Tennessee

1818 - came to Missouri with his parents, Rhoda & Jesse Doggett in 1818.

1853 - Bounty land issued in favor of David ?Siles? private in Capt. West's Company Tennessee Volunteers War of 1812....... has been returned to the General Land Office by the Surveyor General which has been assigned to George M.G. Doggett.........T37N R4E SEC27

1859 - George acquired a patent of 40 acres in T37N R4E SEC27

1859 - George Acquired a patent of 40 acres in T37N R4E SEC34

1869 - After the Civil War in 1869 Gorge M.G. Doggett and his half-brother Asa Jackson were with a posse that tried to capture southeast Missouri's notorious outlaw Sam Hildebrand.  Sam was holed up at the Williams log cabin on Owl Creek in St. Francois County.  The posse arrived, surrounded the house and a shoot-out ensued in which Mary & Noah Williams were wounded along with Sheriff Breckenridge, Andy Bean & another man.  Reinforcements were sent for and arrived from Farmington, Potosi and Irondale.  That evening turpentine balls were thrown on the roof for the purpose of burning Sam out.  Sam shot and killed Jim McLaine that was standing next to Sheriff Clarke.  Even though it seemed impossible Sam still managed to escape that night.

1873 - Circa 1873 George Doggett along with his half brother Asa Jackson & some of his in-laws helped to build the first school house in the area.  Some of the Jackson women helped fix a basket dinner upon the school's completion.  For a picture & history: 

1880 - Asa is living in Perry T. St. FranCoMo - with wife Louisa & children Hannah, Sarah & George & mother-in-law Hannah Baker. Also in the household is George Doggett listed as Asa's brother.  Gives Asa's father's birthplace as Tennessee.

1895 - died in 1895 in St. Francois County, Missouri.  He is buried in the Merrill Cemetery along Big River between Leadwood Access & Bone Hole Access. 

He owned property in Settleton in St. FrancoMo:  58 ft. off of the west end of lot 2 in block 7.  

In a deed recorded in St. Francois County for his property on Big River it names his half-sisters & brother as his heirs.