Jesse Doggett was married to his cousin Rhoda Doggett (daughter of George Doggett).

1817 - Jesse & Rhoda's son, George M. G. Doggett was born in Tennessee

1818 - Jesse & Rhoda are in Washington County, Missouri as they sold 300 arpents of land belonging to the heirs of Isaac Doggett to James Bryan.

1819 - Jesse is on a list for back taxes in Washington County, Missouri in either 1819 or 1825 (the specific year is uncertain).

1823 - Jesse Doggett appraised a stray taken up by Martin Witerwitch

1823 - Jesse also appraised a stray taken up by Patrick Malone. Apparently Jesse could not read or write as he signed with an "X".

1824 - October - Jesse died intestate in St. Ferdinand Township (St. Louis, Missouri). John D. Doggett was administrator of his estate.

(After Jesse's death Rhoda eventually married William Jackson)

The Estate of Jesse Doggett
Filed 25 Oct. 1824 - St. Louis, Mo.

John D. Doggett - Admin.
Heirs: Rhody Doggett - widow
George Doggett - son

Itemized personal property auctioned off:  plow, boxes, double trees, ax, singletree, ???, iron wedge, sheep sheers, coffee mill, 4 chairs, spinning wheel, bake oven without a ??, ???, horse collar, 2 pr. of gears, 6 small blue plates, 1 dish white, teacups & saucers, ???, 1 good plow, 1 table, 1 clothes press, 1 pr bellows, 2 milk ?jugs?, pewter ?basin?, 26 young geese, 1 red cow & calf, 1 young ?heffer?, 1 young bull, young steer, 1 black horse, 1 bay mare, 8 sheep, 1 young ram, 1 box, 1 small chain, 1 hoe, 1 field of standing corn, ???, cow & calf. 

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