Never go alone

NEVER drink alcohol or do illegal drugs on any investigation!

Do not trespass on private property.  Always get permission.

Never deliberately damage or trash any property that you are investigating.

Dress comfortably including comfortable shoes.  No high heels.  I always feel better wearing my "running" shoes.  lol

Always be courteous & polite.  Never try to provoke the spirits!

Don't wear fragrances - sometimes a ghostly presence can come through as an odor so it is best not to wear any fragrances so as not to confuse things.

Do not chew gum on an investigation as this may produce noises that could be confused as paranormal.

It is best not to smoke while on an investigation.  However, for those who just gotta have that cigarette please smoke well away from the investigation area if outdoors.  If the investigation is indoors do not smoke anywhere in the structure.  Go outside.  Drifting smoke clouds could be mistaken for a ghostly mist.

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