Washington County, Missouri


Dogs napping on Hacksaw Rd.


Tiff, Washington County, Missouri
23 March 2011

A busy day at Potosi FPD House #3 - Tiff Rd., Cadet, Mo.

Road block on Hacksaw Rd.  Only fire equipment & Fire personnel were allowed  beyond this point.


An assistant fire captain discussing with Jim & Judy Martin the possibility of evacuating their home.  Hacksaw Rd.  Jim Martin is a cousin to Esther Ziock Carroll.

An assisting truck from Crestwood FPD.  Hacksaw Rd.



Assistance from Pacific. Hacksaw Rd.

Assistance from Belgrade.  Hacksaw Rd.


More assistance from Crestwood.  Hacksaw Rd.

More assisting fire trucks on standby at House #3, Tiff Rd., Cadet, Mo.


More assisting trucks on standby near House #3 on Tiff Rd., Cadet.

St. Clair fire truck leaving from House #3, Tiff Rd., Cadet.



Gene “Bo” Carroll talking with firefighters from Monarch FPD (formerly Chesterfield FPD).  Gene Carroll retired from that department in 1997 after 30 years of service.  Capt. Dan Stoverink in this truck remembered Gene.  Apparatus from many departments came to assist with the huge brush fire on Hacksaw Road March 23, 2011.  Some of the assisting departments were:  Monarch (formerly Chesterfield), Valley Park, Union, Crestwood, St. Clair, Wentzville, Pacific, Belgrade, Boles, DeSoto, New Melle, Beaufort & others.