Hanson Family History

 Joseph B. Hanson came to Cadet, Washington County, Missouri area w/Kansas Volunteer Army to guard the Deck Bridge which allowed the Iron Mountain Railroad to bring supplies to the Union Army....Going out to farms to get food for his battalion he came to Joseph Govero's farm...Both Josephs were 45 years of age...but Joseph Govero had 19 year old daughter named Elizabeth Mary Govero whose father Joseph felt   Joseph B Hanson @ 45 years would be good match for his daughter. Joseph B. Hanson & Elizabeth Mary Govero were married




Joe Bass, Noah Bone, Neil Young, Charles Bone, Frank Young & Bud Hanson

Front Row: Gloria Sempner, Neil Young, Bud Hanson, Jimmy Dahl, Leroy Edgar, Edward Wigger;  Back Row: Bessie Nicholson, Pearl Coleman, Delores Sempner, Thelma Bone, Lois Echoff, Frances Oshia, Freda Echoff


Gr. Grandpa Evans - Henry's father

Gr. Grandma Evans - Henry's mother


Mother & Father Evans


Mary Louellen Hanson Evans & Grace Hanson Fitzgerald
DeSoto, Mo.



Thomas, Grace (Hanson)
& Harold Fitzgerald in DeSoto 1910








Eric Hanson

Chris Hicks ) - 1890 Census - Joseph B. Hanson Hanson, 7 Kan Cav.