JAMES HENDERSON,(JR.)  1791 ~ 1863


- James Henderson,Jr., was born in Tennessee in 1791 and was the youngest son of Hannah Sollars and James Henderson of Greene County, Tennessee. 

1793 -  James Henderson's father is killed by Indians in Tennessee

1795 - James Henderson's sister is born - Court Records - Greene County, Tennessee - 1795 - pg. 476   "William Love enters into bond with Benjamin Armstrong his security in the sum of two hundred dollars for the maintenance of a bastard child born of Hannah Henderson.

1799 - James Henderson's mother, Hannah, marries James Tallant on 3 December 1799 in Tennessee.

1807 – Dec. 15 – James Henderson vs. Harwood ?Fluellen? – Received of Harwood ?Fluellen? on the within note six dollars and fifty cence on the 15/107 day december. Ste. Genevieve Archives File #575, Collection 3636

1808 – Oct. – Timothy Phelps Esqr. – Charles Ellis Sr. is indebted to me on a back amount herewith shewn to you I request you ___?___against said Ellis to shew _?_ _?_ _?_ not _?_ said debt with cost – James Henderson ……Charles Ellis to James Henderson ?Dr? October 1808 To 2 ˝ days work at 75/100 ?? day $1.87 ˝? (there were numerous pages to this document which were very difficult to read) Ste. Genevieve Archives File #573, Collection 3636

1810 - James Henderson was a signer of a petition to the Land Commissioner of Louisiana Territory (Missouri) which was dated 1810.

1810 – Jan. 16 – Subpeona - Charles Ellis,Sr. – vs – James Henderson Ste. Genevieve Archives File #575, Collection 3636

1810 – Jan. 27 – Warrant & legal papers – James Henderson vs. Harwood Fluellen – (there were numerous pages to this document which were very difficult to read) Ste. Genevieve Archives File #575, Collection 3636

1813 – ?Miller? Morrow vs. James Henderson - Summons Ste. Genevieve Archives File #628 Collection 3636

1814 - James Henderson signs a petition for a road along with Willam, James, John, David, Dubart, Richard & William Murphy, Nat Cook, Benjamin Burnham, Laken Walker, Samuel Rhodes, Wm. Sims, John Harlow, Charles ?Hunt?, John Burnham, Isaac Cunningham, ?Thomas? Martin, James Tallent, William Cunningham, & several others whose names were illegible.  Ste. Genevieve Archives  File# 1347     Collection# 3636

1814 - James Tallant purchases 91 arpents of land from Joseph Murphy which he would later sell to James Henderson Jr.   This  91 arpents in St. Francois County, Missouri was on Wolf Creek in the Murphy Settlement. Joseph Murphy acquired a grant for 550 arpents of land in 1799.  This property now covers a good portion of modern day Farmington including the southwest entrance from Highway 67 to east of the highway and including part of Maple Valley Shopping Center to way north and east of Mineral Area Regional Medical Center.  Esther M. Ziock Carroll, 4th gr. grand daughter of James Henderson Jr., is the picture.

1815 - War of 1812 - James Henderson was a corporal in Lt. Col. Byrd's command of Mounted Illinois & Missouri Militia ~ Roll Box 97, Roll Rec. 215.    James' bounty land papers state:  "The State of Missouri, County of St. Francois ~ James Henderson...............declares that he is the identical James Henderson who was a private in the company commanded by Capt. James McCullock in the regiment of ?home? in the (then territory) (now) State of Missouri, commanded by Col. Stephen Byrd in the war with Great Britian declared by the United States on the 18th day of June A.D. 1812.  That he was drafted at the county of Washington in the (then) Territory, (now) State of Missouri on or about the month of August A.D. 1815 for the term of two months.  That said company was raised for the purpose of protecting the inhabitants of said Territory from the hostilities of the Indians at that time hostile to the people of the United States, that he continued in actual service of the ?mitilia? in the manner as aforesaid for the term of sixty days and was honorably discahrged at St. Louis in St. Louis County in the said Territory on or about 15th day of October A.D. (1815)........."

1817 - James Henderson signed a petition to construct a road leading from the county road to St. Mary's Landing along with Valentine Underwood, James ?Menard?, Peter Hulstin, Jeremiah ?Haney?, Robert B. ???, Alexander Moore, Ignatious Boarman, Francis Tomier, Robert B. Griffith, William ?Towmin?, Wm. Bloom, Hughes Kennon, Wm. Freeman.

1817 - James Henderson signed a petition for construction of a road beginning at the James Bryan plantation on Flat River and intersecting with the road from Mine A Breton in Washington County to Jackson in Cape Girardeau County.

1818 – Territory of Missouri County of Ste. Genevieve – I William Shaw A justice of the peace in and for the County aforesaid do hereby certify that the sum of two dollars is due to James Henderson as premium for his killing of one wolf and the treasurer of the county is hereby directed to pay the sum to James Henderson as barer given under my ahnd this 28 octobe 1818 – William Shaw J.P. Ste. Genevieve Archives  File #681, Collection 3636

1818 – Inventory of Robt. Grooms goods – James Henderson purchases a kettle for $2.00 & a __?__ for $1.25, Adams Henderson buys an ax for $2.62? Ste. Genevieve Archives File #186 Collection 3636

1819 - James Henderson married circa 1819 to Hopy whose maiden name may have been Alexander. She was born in 1800 in either N. or S. Carolina. James & Hopy eventually had 6 children: Jane, *Mary Ann (my 3rd great grandmother who married her cousin John Henderson, Jr., ) Samuel S. (who went to Oregon), Corbin A., Nancy and Eleanor.

1820 - In May James Henderson & James Tallent appraised a stray horse which had been taken up by Isaac Cunningham  Ste. Genevieve Archives  File #1407, Collection 3636

1820 - James & Hopy's daugter, Jane, is born.

1821 - James & Hopy's daughter, Mary Ann, is born.  She was my 3rd gr.grandmother.

1824 - James mother, Hannah Sollars Henderson Tallant dies.

1824 - Deed records show James Tallant conveys to his step-son, James Henderson, 91 arpents in return for “…..the said Henderson to support & maintain the aforesaid Tallant during his natural life in a descent & comfortable manner."  Since there was no mention of James Henderson's mother, Hannah, in this document she was probably already deceased.

1825 James Henderson borrows $250 from Charles B. Cunningham using his 91 arpent “farm” as collateral…

1825 - For whatever reason the agreement between James Henderson & James Tallant apparently did not work out as Henderson agrees to purchase the property from Tallant over a three year period as another deed states "Now upon further consideration of the above named condition viz. the maintainence & support afforded or to be given by said Henderson unto the aforementioned Tallant……….Be it known that I the said James Henderson do promise to pay to the said James Tallant in lieu of the maintenance mentioned above $336 lawful money…”  Afterwards Tallant left and went to Alabama.   

1828James Tallant of Alabama but now in the county of St. Francois, Missouri…….James Henderson pays to James Tallant $355 for land on Wolf Creek containing 91 arpents beginning at cottonwood pointer on Wolf Creek beginning thence north seven chains & 62 links to a stake with a walnut & hickory pointers thence west 40 chains & five links to a stone with ash & hickory pointers thence south 32 chains & 60 links to a white oak & elm on the banks of Wolf Creek thence down said creek a northwest course with the meanderings of said creek to the beginning.

1828 - James & Hopy's son, Samuel S.,  was born

1830 James Henderson & Hopy his wife of St. Francois Co., Mo. sell to Charles B. Cunningham for $297 the parcel of land purchased by James Tallant from Joseph Murphy in 1814.

1830 - James is in the 1830 census along with another James Henderson & Cames E., Carnes, Cyrus, George, Mathew, Robert H. Henderson. I don't know who they are or how they tie into my Henderson family. Some of them owned slaves.

1831 - James & Hopy's son, Corbin A., was born. 

1834 - James & Hopy's daughter, Nancy Telithy, was born.

1837 - James & Hopy's daughter, Eleanor, was born.

1839 - James & Hopy's daughter, Mary Ann, marries her first husband/cousin John Henderson Jr.

1840 - Census - James Henderson is living in Pendleton T. next door to his son-in-law, John Henderson & two houses away from David Williams & three houses from David Henderson Murphy.

1846 - James & Hopy's daughter, Jane, marries Wm. S. Brim

1847 - John Henderson, son-in-law of Hopy & James Henderson purchases property.  $150 - SE1/4 of NW1/4 of SEC9 T34N R5E  Pendleton T.   This property was purchased from Susan & William Allen.  John puts the deed in the names of his children - George W., James M., & Elizabeth.  Apparently Almeda wasn't born yet.

1847 - John Henderson Jr., son-in-law & nephew of James & Hopy dies.

1850 - Census - James & Hopy Henderson are living next door to the Nancy Alexander family. Pendleton T.  Nancy was born in NC in 1817.  Also a Mary Alexander is in the household - she was born in NC in 1809. They are probably relatives of Hopy as Hopy's maiden name was Alexander.

1851 - Mary Ann Henderson Henderson, daughter of James & Hopy, marries Robert M. Markham

1851 - Corbin A. Henderson, son of James & Hopy, marries his first wife Elizabeth Michael

1853 - Nancy Telithy Henderson, daughter of James & Hopy Henderson, marries James Mitchel

1854 - Receives Bounty Land from his service under Capt. McCullock's Company, Missouri Militia, War of 1812 - NE1/4 of the SW 1/4 of SEC9 T34N R5E containing 41 & 63 hundredths of an acre - Pendleton T.  

1854 - Eleanor Henderson, daughter of James & Hopy Henderson, marries Henderson Strickland

1856 - Land Patent - SW1/4 of SW1/4 SEC9 T34N R5E  41 acres & 63 hundredths of an acre - Pendleton T.

1856 - James Henderson signs a note:  Twelve months after date I promise to pay unto David H. Murphy guardian for George W. Henderson, James M. Henderson, Elizabeth Henderson the sum of $18 for value received this 1st day of March 1856.  Signed: James Henderson of Mo. (Document was difficult to read). NOTE: Almeda Henderson was nine years old at this time but was not mentioned in this note.

1858 -  Land Patent - N1/2 of the NW1/4 SEC9 T34N R5E containing 80 acres - Pendleton T.

1858 - Land Patent - W1/2 of SW1/4 SEC9 & E1/2 of SW1/4 SEC8 T34N R5E 163 acres & 26 hundredths of an acre - Pendleton T.

1859 - Land Patent - SE1/4 of SW1/4 SEC4 T34N R5E containing 40 acres - Pendleton T.

1860 - Census - James & Hopy Henderson + George, James M., Elizabeth, Almeda Henderson (these are their grandchildren from John & Mary Ann Henderson). Pendleton T.

1863 - James Henderson & Hopy his wife sell to [their grandsons] George W. Henderson & James M. Henderson for $250 the following described real estate in St. Francois Co., Mo. - SW1/4 of SEC9 containing 160 acres & the SE1/4 SEC8 containing 40 acres all in T34N R5E - 23 March 1863 - Pendleton T.

1863 - James & Hopy Henderson parties of the first part.........Daniel Williams party of the second part........all of St. Francois Co., Mo........& Samuel S. Henderson of Jackson Co., Oregon party of the third part.......Where James Henderson stands indebted to Samuel S. Henderson in sum of $350 by note dated 10 April AD1863 payable twelve months after date with interest at rate of 10% .........of said note & interest this deed of trust is made........failure to pay said note....deed shall remain in force & party of second part ......may sell the property aforementioned or any part thereof at public venue to highest bidder..........signed: James Henderson & Hopy (X) Henderson (her mark).  160 acres: N1/2 of NW1/4 & SW1/4 of NW1/4 SEC9  &  SE1/4 of SW1/4 SEC4 T34N R5E - 18 April 1863 - Pendleton T.

1865 - 7 July - Corbin A. Henderson w/others is appointed to appraise the personal estate of David H. Murphy, deceased.  Corbin signs with an "X" (his mark) indicating that he could not read or write. In the document Corbin swears that he is not interested in nor is related to anyone interested in David H. Murphy's estate. However, he was the son of Rachael Henderson wife of William Murphy.  Also mentions a note of James Henderson for $18............Also mentions Henderson Murphy who was brother to David H. Murphy.

1866 - Sept. - Estate of David H. Murphy - To heirs of Jno. Henderson, dec'd.................Paid Almeda Henderson ward of dec'd............__?__ assets & claim on the estate bal. on settlement made with court 6 Sept. 1866 $236.96 of which $18 is __?__ in note on James Henderson __?__

1870 - James Henderson  - Heirs  - 20 May 1870 - Deed Record - James Henderson Heirs by Franklin Murphy Sheriff To Geo. Topping - Franklin Murphy sheriff of the county of St. Francois, Missouri.........judgement rendered in the circuit court.........in favor of Samuel Henderson against Corbin Henderson, Jane Brimm, James M. Mitchell & Nancy Mitchell, Henderson Strickland, Ellen Strickland, Robert Markham & Nancy A. Markham [believe this should be Mary A. Markham] heirs & legal representatives of James Henderson deceased for the sum of $588.88.............N1/2 of NW1/4 & SW1/4 of NW1/4 SEC9 & SE1/4 of SW1/4 SEC4 T34N R5E containing 160 acres - Pendleton T.   And having previously to the day of sale hereinafter mentioned given at least twenty days notice of the time & place of sale & of the real estte to be sold & where situated as the law directs by advertisement in the Farmington Herald............on the 23 day of November 1870 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. & 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon of that day............at the door of the courthouse in the town of Farmington.......expose to sale at public auction for ready money all the right, title, claim, interest estate & property of the said defendants of in & to the above described real estate together with all rights, privledges & appertenance thereto belonging & George W. Topping being the highest & last bidder.........at the price & sum of $200 the same was stricken off & sold to the said George W. Topping...........

1870 - Hopy Henderson is living with her son Corbin Henderson in Cane Creek Township, Butler County, Missouri

1879 - Corbin A. Henderson, son of James & Hopy Henderson,  marries his second wife Emma Martin in St. FranCoMo

1880 - Hopy Henderson is living with her daughter, Jane Graham, in St. Francois Co., Mo.

Children of Hopy & James Henderson:

Jane - born 1820 in Missouri.  She first married Wm. S. Brimm in 1846 in St. Francois County, Missouri, then later a Mr. Graham.

Mary Ann* - Born 1821 in Missouri.  She first married her cousin John Henderson,Jr., in 1839 in St. Francois County, Missouri.  After his death in 1847 she remarried to Robt. M. Markham in 1851.  they moved to Carter County, Missouri then later went to Green County, Arkansas.

Samuel S. - Born in 1828 in Missouri.  Was in Jackson County, Oregon in 1863 then went to Del Norte, California.

Corbin A. - Born 1831 in Missouri.  Was first married to Elizabeth Michael in St. Francois County, Missouri in 1851 then later was married to Emma Martin.

Nancy Telithy - Born 1834 in Missouri.  Married James Mitchel 1853 St. Francois County, Missouri.

Eleanor - Born 1837 in Missouri.  Married Henderson Strickland 7 May 1854 in St. Francois County, Missouri.  In the 1860 census they had two children:   Mary A., & Andrew S.



Other families associated with the Hendersons that came from Greene County, Tennessee to southeast Missouri were:

Alexander - The Alexander family settled in Farmington - in the 1850 census for St. Francois County James Henderson is living next door to an Alexander Family & some in Washington Co.  LDS Ancestral File gives Hope Alexander as wife of John Henderson but I believe she was the wife of John's brother James Henderson, Jr.   Census & deed records give James' wife's name as Hopy.

Goforth - Willoughby and Zachariah Goforth settled in Caledonia, Washington County.   Willoughby had Lot #3 & Zachariah had Lot #1. (From 1819 plat map of Caledonia).  They were the sons of Miles Goforth who settled in Bellevue Valley in 1804.  They were relatives of Mary Goforth who was married to Samuel Henderson, Sr.

Washington, Jefferson & St. Francois counties all adjoin each other so it would not have been too difficult for these families to visit back & forth.