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By: Esther M. Ziock Carroll

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The Henderson family history can be traced to a romantic time of chivalry, knights in shining armor and medieval castles in the misty heathered glens and snow capped highlands of Scotland.  The Henderson family is descended from the ancient Picts who were the earliest settlers in Scotland more than 6,000 years ago. 

It was Scotland that developed the unique system of clans.   Every sept (family) of a clan was descended from the original clan chief.  My United States Hendersons are supposedly descended from Clan Gunn.  Clan Gunn is the oldest of the great clans of Scotland.   It's descendants come from norse and viking invaders who intermarried with the Picts who were the first people to settle in northeast Scotland.

The forefather of Clan Gunn was a Norse Acadian ancestor in the 1100's called Gunnee.  George Gunn was the originator of the clan in the 15th century.  The Gunns were a warlike clan but were not given to acts of atrocity common to other clans.  There was once a Castle Gunn which was the home of the chiefs of Clan Gunn.  It even had a drawbridge to protect from enemy attacks.  Unfortunately Castle Gunn no longer exists having been eroded away by the sea.

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The LDS Ancestral File available at many public libraries has the Henderson line going back to the 1300's in Scotland:

Sir John Henderson: Born: circa 1600, Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland.  Married: Margaret Menteith, 1625.  Died: 11 March 1650, Scotland.  Children: ?, William, William, James, Jean, George, Francis, Margaret, Elizabeth, Bethia, Anna.

Also in another branch of the Henderson line there was:

John Balfour: Born: 1396 -  Feu Charter of Burleigh & Turley.

Michael Balfour:  Born: 1422 - Feu Charter of Burleigh & Turley.  Father: John Balfour.  Died: 1499/1500. Children: Michael Balfour.

Sir Knight Michael Balfour: Born: about 1453 - Burleigh, Kinross, Scotland.  Died: about 1526. Children: David & Robert.

David Balfour - Baron Burleigh: Born 1484 Burleigh, Kinross, Scotland. Parents: Margaret Muschat & Michael Balfour.  David married about 1514 to Agnes Forrester.   Died: before 1531.  Children: Michael, Walter, Robert, Margaret, daughter.

James Balfour - Laird of Pittendrech: Born: 1533 - Pittendieich, Midlothian, Scotland. Married: circa 1560 Burleigh, Kinross-shire, Scotland.  Died: 1583 Had children: Helen, Michael, Miss, Agnes, James, William, Henry, David, John, Marie.

Lord Michael Balfour:  Born: 1564, Kinross-shire, Scotland.

Sir Baron James Balfour: Born: circa 1571, Glenawley, Fermanagh, Ireland. 

Capt. Henry Balfour:  Born: 1575, Midlothian, Scotland.

Sir Andrew Balfour:

Margaret Lundin - Baroness Balfour:

David Barclay - Baron of Colairnie:

For more information on the Balfours of Burleigh visit "The Peerage.com"

Balfour Castle In Scotland


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Dark Isle
(Pictures of  Pict stones & more)

Henderson Tartan
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Castles In Scotland

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Meet our little dog "Scottie".  He was given to us by Liz & Ken Henderson of Nova Scotia.  He is a great pet!  He's happy and energetic, he never has an "accident" in the house, and he doesn't eat much at all!


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