Esther Horrocks Ziock


ESTHER* - according to her tombstone she was born 27 July 1879 in St. Louis, Missouri but her death certificate says Esther_Horrocks.JPG (3857 bytes)her birth date was August 26th.  She was the daughter of Orelia Michaud & Samuel Horrocks.  She married August Ziock,Jr., on 27 July 1901 & they became the parents of two children: a daughter, Lillian Cecille, & a son, August Theodore (my father).  Esther liked to play classical music on the piano.  Esther died of pneumonia 26 August 1913 at St. Vincents Institution (a mental hospital) in St. Louis.  There is a lot of mystery & discrepancies about her hospitalization & death. I was told that she had been hospitalized for one or two years but the death certificate says she was only at St. Vincent's seven days.  It also gave her birth & death day as the 26th of August but her tombstone gives a birth date of July  27 & she was married on July 27. There are also two death certificates - the original & a supplemental.  The first gives pneumonia ?hypostatic? as the cause of death with congestion of brain as the contributory.  The supplemental gives pneumonia lobar as the primary cause & ?mitral stefiosis? as the contributory for which it gives one year as the duration. The primary certificate gives her former place of residence as 1017 Rutger but she was living at Cherokee St. & Missouri Ave. when she went to the hospital.  I know this because one time back in the 1970's Gene & myself & my parents went to pick up mom's old Pfaff sewing machine from a place on Cherokee St. & while walking down the street my father indicated a house on the other side on the corner of Missouri Ave. & commented that that is where they (he & his parents) were living the night they took his mother away.  1017 Rutger is where her father-in-law, August Ziock Sr. lived & later August Ziock Jr. & my father August T. Ziock.

I don't know what happened that my grandmother, Esther, had to be sent to a mental hospital but I was told that one night she was taken away in an ambulance & my father never saw her again until he went to her funeral.  The night that she was taken away she made my father promise to finish his religious training in the Lutheran Church & get confirmed.  He kept his promise to his mother but after his confirmation he never went to church again.  He felt that if there really was a god why did God let his mother suffer & die the way that she did.  Esther Horrocks Ziock is buried in New St. Marcus Cemetery.  Above is her picture when she was a teenager. My mother is the one that told me this & I was told to never ask my father about it which I never did.  But I've always wondered about the circumstances of that event.  I was also told that she had "female" problems. 

There is another picture of Esther as an adult on the Ziock page.  Several people have said that I look very much like my grandmother, Esther whom I am named after.  Her daughter & my aunt, Lilian Ziock Palmer, told me that she always thought I looked so much like her mother.  I've had one or two people look at the picture (above) & not knowing who it was asked me, "How old were you when this picture was taken?"  Then I told them that it wasn't me but my grandmother.