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By: Esther M. Ziock Carroll

Huitt / Hewitt Family
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NARCISSES HUITT was the great, great grandmother of Esther M. Carroll.  Narcisses was born in 1845 in Crawford County, Missouri and was the daughter of Mary Skaggs and Richard Huitt.  She married Daniel Martin in 1865 in Washington County, Missouri and they became the parents of six children:  *James Marion, Richard, John Edward, Geroge Washington, Mary(Molly), Daniel(Dee) Theodore. Narcisses died in childbirth with her sixth child in 1878.

RICHARD WEBB HUITT was born in 1819 in either Arkansas or Washington County, Missouri and was the son of Sarah and Lemuel Huitt.  In 1842 Richard married Mary "Polly" SKAGGS.  They became the parents of six children. Mary "Polly" died between 1860 and 1866 in Crawford County, Missouri.  (*There is a deed where James & M.B. Huitt sell to Richard Huitt (1858) 34&1/100 acres - T36N, R3W, SEC24.  On Crawford Co. map this is near Rock Branch.)  Richard married Mary Fowles Stroh in 1868.  They became the parents of five children.  Richard Huitt,Sr., died in 1877 in Crawford County, Missouri.

Children of Mary "Polly" Skaggs & Richard Webb Huitt:

Narcissus - b: 1845 Osage, CrawCoMo - m: Daniel Martin 28 May 1865 WashCoMo - d: circa 1879 Courtois, WashCoMo.

James Thomas "Jim Tom" - b: 4 May 1848 Osage, CrawCoMo - m: Nancy B. Wisdom 21 Dec. 1879 CrawCoMo. They became the parents of 14 children: Jennie, Ida, W. Arthur, Nora Eva, James Otis, Ada "Addie", Mattie, George Frank, Pearl, Fred, Finis, Raymond, Edith. - Jim Tom buried: Skaggs Cem., Huzzah, CrawCoMo - military: Civil War, Co. G, 48th Mo. Union Army, 1864-1865 - 6' 1" tall, left thumb amputated.

Sarah Elizabeth - b: 1850 Osage, CrawCoMo - m: George Jenkins 22 April 1877 WashCoMo -

Nancy E. - b: 1853 Osage, CrawCoMo -

George W. - b: 1856 Osage, CrawCoMo - m: 1) Mary Edgar  2) Mary Coleman

William Harvey - b: 20 Apr. 1858 Osage, CrawCoMo - m: 20 March 1887 CrawCoMo - d: 3 Aug. 1947 - buried: Skaggs Cem. Huzzah, CrawCoMo


Children of Mary Fowles Stroh & Richard Webb Huitt:

Mary Stroh - b:  Osage, CrawCoMo - m: James D. Cottrell - d: 1904 - buried: Old Dillard Cem.

Lemuel M. -


Richard Webb,Jr.




LEMUEL HUITT was born in 1798 in Georgia and was the son of Elizabeth WEBB and James Huitt, Sr.  Approximately 1818 Lemuel left home & married Sarah "Sally" Ann, last name unknown. Recorded in the Washington County, Missouri courthouse in Potosi is a record of Lemuel purchasing lot 52 in Caledonia, Missouri for $25.00 on March 14, 1820.   Lemuel later moved to Crawford County, Missouri & he & Sarah lived on 160 acres (T36N, R3W, SEC26, W1/2 of SE1/4 & E1/2 of SW1/4) in Osage Township (Osage T. is in the lower southeast corner of Crawford County which adjoins Washington County.)   This is at Hwy. 49 west of Hwy. V. Lemuel died in 1855 and is buried in Hanson-Eaton Cemetery, Crawford County.  Sarah died sometime after 1866.

Children of Sarah "Sally" Ann & Lemuel Huitt:

Richard Webb - b: 2 Apr. 1819, Caledonia, WashCoMo. or possibly Arkansas - m: 1) Mary "Polly" Skaggs   2) Mary M. Stroh - d: 27 Jan. 1877

Elizabeth V. - b: 1820, Caledonia WashCoMo - m: Solomon Gilliam - Story: Solomon Gilliam is buried at Palmer, Mo. During a fight with some bushwackers, Solomon was killed along with five other men.  The wives dug a single grave & buried all six men together.

Mary Ann - b: 1822, Caledonia WashCoMo - m: Wm. Campbell 22 Sept. 1844 WashCoMo

James Thomas - 29 May 1825 Caledonia WashCoMo - d: 1868/70

George W. - b: 19 June 1827 Caledonia WashCoMo - m: 15 Feb. 1849 CrawCoMo - d: 9 May 1906 - buried: Skaggs Cem. CrawCoMo - military: Civil War, Union Army, 4th Mo. State Militia Cavalry, Co. B

Eliza Jane - b: 25 March 1829 Caledonia - m: 1) Wm. Young Billingsly  2) Geo. Davis -

Teliltha - b: 1831 Caledonia

Elvira S. - b: 4 Dec. 1833 Caledonia - m: her cousin James Huitt 17 Feb. 1853 CrawCoMo - d: 1912/13 Portland, Oregon -

William Carroll - b: 28 Apr. 1836, Caledonia - m: 1) Elizabeth R. Cox   2) Fredonia Green Gamblin - d: 8 July 1906 - military: Civil War, Union Army, Co. D, 11th Mo. Inf., 1865-1866

Sarah A. - b: 6 Feb. 1839 Caledonia - d: 14 Aug. 1899 - b: Hanson-Eaton Cem., CrawCoMo

N. Evaline. - b: 7 Feb. 1841, WashCoMo

JAMES HUITT, Sr. was the fifth great grandfather of Esther M. Carroll.  He was born circa 1774 in either North or South Carolina and was the son of Tracey WILKINSON and William Huitt.  Approximately 1797 he married Elizabeth WEBB daughter of James Webb

In 1804 James Huitt purchased 800 arpents of land on Big River in the northern part of Belleview Valley in what would later become Washington County, Missouri.  The Huitt family left Georgia and arrived here in the spring of 1805. 

Washington County was formed in August of 1813.  The first court session of the Court of Common Pleas was held in January 1814.  At this session the grand jury filed presentments against James Huitt along with John Cavender and Seth Hyatt for an "affray".  This was the beginning of the "official" criminal business of the county.

James Huitt died in August, 1814 allegedly when a rock was thrown through a window hitting him in the head. 

Children of Elizabeth Webb & James Huitt, Sr.:

Lemuel - b: 1798, Georgia - m: Sarah (Sally) Ann ?? circa 1818 - d: 1852-1860 - 1819 Lemuel is in Caledonia, WashCoMo, in the 1850 census he is in CrawCoMo.

Elijah - b: 1800, Ga. - d: after 1830 - Elijah left his Washington County, Missouri home in 1818.  He went to Fort Smith, Arkansas.   Elijah's son, James, returned to Washington County, Missouri & in February, 1853 married his cousin, Elvira S., who was the daughter of Sarah & Lemuel Huitt.  Elvira & James left Missouri with a wagon train shortly after their wedding for the gold fields of California.  They arrived in ROUGH & READY, CALIFORNIA shortly before their first child was born in December, 1853.  In 1878 they sold their gold mine claim & moved to Portland, Oregon.

John - b: 1802, Ga. - d: after 1829 -

William C. - b: 1804, Ga. - m: Elizabeth Henderson

James, Jr. - b: 1806, Bellevue, WashCoMo - m: Lettie H. Sullivant

Green - b: 1809, Bellevue, WashCoMo, - m: 1) Mary "Polly" Sullivant  2) Barbary Sullivant

Wilkinson - b: 20 March 1812, Washington, Adams Co., Mississippi - m: Sarah Ann Roberson 2 July 1833, WashCoMo - d: circa 1870 - For more information on Wilkinson Huitt see WASHINGTON COUNTY & THE HISTORIC MORMON MOVEMENT

Mary "Polly" - b: 1814, Bellevue WashCoMo - m: James Eidson 6 may 1831


In 1829 his fourteen slaves were divided among his heirs:

We the undersigned appraisors having been appointed by an order of Court and duly sworn to apraise and distribute the slaves of the estate of James Huitt Deceased among the heirs of said Deceased have performed that service and make the following report to wit:

14 negroes Valued at.............................$3,545.00

To Elizabeth Brock widow of James Huitt Decd. two negroes - Hannah & Cyrus .........725.00 which she agrees to take for her part

Lemuel Huitt - two Rolin & Rachel infant...................235.00

William Huitt one Boy Isom at.............................450.00

James Huitt one Boy Russel at.............................300.00

Green Huitt one Boy Major at..............................250.00

Wilkinson Huitt three Boys at Jackson, David, and Joseph at .....................335.00

Polly Huitt one girl at 400.00

Leaving for two absent heirs to wit Elijah and John two women Rachel and Eliza and one Boy Alson at ................$850.00

Amt. $3,454.00

Appraisors:  John Hutchings, Samuel Henderson, James Robinson

State of Missouri - Washington County - Sworn to and Subscribed to before me this 4th Day of Frbruary 1829 Certified under my hand this Day and year afore said

Andrew Goforth, Justice of the Peace


ELIZABETH WEBB HUITT became a member of the Bellevue Presbyterian Church which was the first Presbyterian church formed west of the Mississippi River.  The first meeting took place on Wednesday, July 31st, 1816 and another meeting on the following Friday and the sacrement was administered the Sabbath after.  A very large audience attended and "behaved with decency".

In 1822 Elizabeth remarried to an Englishman, Thomas Brock.  He bought the Huitt farm and upon his death he willed everything to Elizabeth and upon her death everything was to go to her children & a grandson. SG3291, T35&36N, R1&2E, SEC36,31&6.  Book G, Page 594.  Elizabeth died in 1882. 

The following researchers contributed to the information on Elizabeth Webb & James Huitt:  Norma & Harvey Compton, Juanita Huitt, Mrs. Geo. Horton, Irene Huitt, my dear friend Becky Akers (now deceased), Sally Heller (now deceased), Eshter M. Carroll & other Huitt researchers that I have lost track of.




Many people think John B. Huitt is the son of Soloman & Charity Smith Huitt who migrated to Missouri/Arkansas in the early 1800s. However there is evidence that John B. is the son of Elizabeth Webb & James Huitt, Sr., of Washington County, Missouri. John resided in Pike Co. Ark & Washington Co. Ark. before relocating to Dallas, Texas. Legal papers from Washington Co. Ark show where John Huitt was being sued for a debt. It lists John's slave Alson and John's land as chattel. In the probate records of James Huitt, Sr. of Washington Co., Mo. it shows that James' son, John, inherited the slave Alson. This indicates that John is the son of James Huitt instead of Solomon.

John's children by his first wife were: Charlotte M. Huitt born abt 1826 Ark.; Amanda C. Huitt born April 20, 1833. John and his 2nd wife Martha had the following children: Thomas Benton born abt. 1837; Margaret (Margarette) born abt 1845 Texas; Irene (Irena) born abt. 1847 Texas. John B. Huitt was the 1st sheriff of Dallas Texas, elected abt July of 1846. John died in Jan. 1848. (The information on John B. Huitt was provided by Ruth Herbel

The following information on John B. Huitt was submitted by:  Jana Gray   ~  I am a ggggrandaughter of John Benton Huitt.He was the first sheriff of Dallas County,Texas. I live in Tarrant county and he is also in the Tarrant county Gen Web. I have info on his descendants here.  We are SO frustrated because we can not find Martha his wife here last name. And my  gggrandmother Amanda Caroline Cope Huitt married William Lowe also in Tarrant co.We assumed at first Martha's maiden name was Cope. But some believe Amanda may have by a first marriage?!  

"The sudden death of John Huitt was reported in the January 1848 Probate Court. Martha Huitt, consort of John Huitt, revealed that he died "on or about the 7th day of January 1848, intestate". Her petition of January 17th was co-signed by Rowland Huitt, John's brother. Rowland was to become the second sheriff of Dallas County to fill his brother's unexpired term of office. During the time of the Huitt estate probate, his heirs patented 640 acres of land in Tarrant county, Texas, adjoining the Louis Finger and James Hyden surveys."

"Martha Huitt later married Anthony Bledsoe."

"The heirs of John Huitt (except for Martha Huitt and issue, from unproved, circumstatial evidence) are Charlotte Huitt Dalton Couch Curry (Charlotte's third husband was Isaac Curry), Elizabeth Hibbert and Amanda Huitt Lowe (apparently children of a first wife: second wife Martha Huitt and her three minor issue:"

"One day, while with a group of people, Napoleon Perry was told, "Anna (his daughter) is in love with John Couch (Charlotte's son)." His immediate reply was, "If he marries her, I'll Kill him!"

"John Henderson Couch was shot that day as he drove his buggy with his new wife sitting by his side."










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