The information on this page was sent to Esther Carroll by William D. Huitt October, 1999   The people who researched this information are:

Patricia Achramowicz

David Jackson  

Kenny Hayes

Marion Haskins

William D. Huitt

Cindy Merx 

Kay Phillips

Wilmer F. Burns. III

Bill D. Holder

WILLIAM HEWITT was born circa 1735.  William died 1810 - 1816  in Amite County Mississippi. He  married TACEY  WILKINSON/Wilkerson 17 March 1778 in Franklin, N. Carolina.  She died in before 1810.


William Hewitt lived in Virgina, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and finally Mississippi in 1809 - 10   He was listed as Sergeant in Solomon Alston's North Carolina Co.  State Militia from Granville County North Carolina in 1771 and as a Revolutionary War Veteran living in Georigia.  William Hewitt Sr. 2nd Generation to serve this country French and Indian war and American Revolution Virgina and North Carolina.  According to the Cape May [New Jersey] Magazine, there are serious errors possible in the children of William.  William Huitt married Tracy Wilkinson (or Wilkerson) and had four or six sons. The ones that are definitely known are James, John, William (Who died as a child), and Jonathan. Two additional sons are believed to be Soloman and Daniel, but this information is not certain. William lived in Grainville County, North Carolina (1769); Brunswick County, Virginia; South Carolina (about 1781), Washington County (1785) and Wailes ( Now Franklin) County , Georgia (1788) and Missouri.  William Huitt died in Amite County, Mississippi about 1810 - 1816. William Hewitt was one of 85 men in Capt. Jonathan Isom's Company Virginia Military Rolls show him as officer (Sergeant) in Captain Sol. Alston's Company of the Militia of Granville County North Carolina. line 49 Harwood Bush, Papers and receipts belonging to the estates of Jno. Moss, William Hewitt, John Baker, and John Tinnan, Deed and sundry parcels and receipts of my own and paper money of about 1 pounds value.  Line 52 William Hewitt's estate 616-15 pounds.  Source: Virginia Records, losses of your County citizens in British invasion 1781 Capt. William Hoffer for pay, forage and Ration of his Mint. Comp.  Hewitt, William, for plank for the Battery at Glosster.  Source Virginia Miltia in the Revolution. Virginia Military Records William Hewitt, Thos. Barbor & Richard Burt appointed appraisers of Bartholomew valentine's estate. May 16, 1720 D.O.W. &c 15, p. 9591  Granted as Revolutionaty War Land Grant. Land grant. Granville County North Carolina. Later became Franklin Co. Living : 1769 Granville Co. N.C.  Military 1771, Granville Co, N.C.   Property: 1784, Washington County GA; Property 287 1/2 Acres of land.


Granville County Court Minutes Index pages 302 &303.  Hewit, Wm, 16,19, 20   Huet (Huit, Hut) Chas., 113, 172:  Ruth, 226;  Wm., 76  Page 16: James Holt proved deed from WILLIAM HEWIT to John Heflin for 172 acres.  Page 19: WILLIAM HEWIT acknowledged deed to Gideon Freeman for 488 acres and deed to James Heflin for 280 acres.  Page 20: 72 John Dickerson vrs. Mark White. Deed from WILLIAM HEWIT to Wm. Lawrence for 180 acres proved by Joun Guin. Bill of sale from John and Sarah Bowls and Andrew Yeargin to William Bumpass for negroes proved by Gabril Davis. John Moore vrs. Charles Jones. Samual Pointer and Jno. Webb value Negro bequeathed to Isabella Owen by William Allen.  Page 76: Division of estate of Benja. Glaze, deceased, made;   Jenry Williams deeds sundry articles to Joseph Taylor. John Comer Peake appointed constable for county. Wm. Huet, overseer of Tarboro road from Jeffries' track to Ledge of Rocks Creek and some of hands belonged to Joseph Landish. Source: Court Minutes of Granville County North Carolina 1746 - 1820 by Zae Hargett Gwynn Published by Joseph W. Watson 406 Piedmont Ave Rocky Mount, N.C. 1977 Fisher-Harrison Corporation Seeman Printery Division Durham, N.C.


Page 111 Book 1, 1772-1787  515,516 Aug. 1786- Lists of debts of Thomas Bradford, decreased, and sale of estate made to Thomas Bradford, Hannah Wright, Mary Bradford, David Bradford, John Gowing, Phil Bradford, John Pope, John Hall, John Moore, John Bradford, Richard Bradford, William White, Benjamin Bradford, George White, Booker Bradford, Nathan Harris, William Huet, Micajah Bullock, Jonas Fuller, Doctor Collier, John Prewit.   Source: Abstracts of The Wills and Estate Records of Granville County North Carolina 1746-1808   By Zae Hargett Gwynn
Published by (Same as above)


Oct 11, 1756 William banks of North Carolina , sells to William Hewitt of Sussex Co. 60 A.lying between the land os sd. William Banks and Nathaniel Mabry. Wit: Edward Powell, Amos Love.  Page 294 Granville County Kinfolks  Hewit (Hewet) John, 275 Wm 73, 276  Page 73 Deed book O   William Hewitt sold land in Granville Co. to William Lawrence of Wake Co., N.C.  Aug. 8, 1786.   Page 275 Tax List 1769    Hewit, John, 1 White;  Source; Kinfolks of Granville County North Carolina 1765-1827  By Zae Hargett Gwynn Published by (Same as above)


Page 46 Granville Co., NC Land Entries 1778-1785  line 540 Mar 16, 1779 John Holt enters 150 ac in Granville Co. water of cedar and Robertson Creeks; border: his own land, Wm. Huit, & Samuel Smithe; "42 & 57" transferred to Micajah Bullock by order of John Holt warrant to issue in his name;  warrant Sept. 4, 1779 [ warrant Aug.. 12, 1779 - - Lined out]  Page 56 page 178 received of Wm. Hewit [for No. 353 $43 to be applied to his entry when received said entry vide.  Page 50 Samuel Smith enters 125[written over 225] ac in Granville Co. on waters of Bever dam Cr; border: his own line, John Holt, & Wm. Huit; includes a "settlement" of said Smith and "those he purchased it of" has been in peaceable possion of 10 years; warrant Apr. 8 1780 Page 112 Hewit, Wm 8, 661A Page 113 Huit, Wm. 540, 596  Source: Abstracts of land entries:  Granville Co. NC 1778-1877  by Dr. A.B. Pruitt
ISBN #0-944-992-15-3


All source of North Carolina are from ;  Department of Cultural resources   State Library of North Carolina  109 East Jones Street  Raleigh, NC 27601-2807  Source:  William D. Huitt

From the book GONE TO GEORGIA

Page 119  1-594 William Hewitt 001201-02121-4  A;sp emumrated 1820 was John Hewett (No 195) (Age 26-45) In Gwinett County. One william Hewett was granted land in Lilkes County Georgia.  1788, which he and Trcey sold to Andrew West Jan. 31, 1791.   Ezekiel of Jackson County married Cynthis Wood April 3, 1822 and Nancy married John Wood in 1842. James and John of Spartanburg District, South Carolina enumerated 1790, apparentyly came from North Carolina or Virginia, where a number of the family served in the Revolution, as did those of New England.

Special Publication of the National Genealogal Soc.  No. 30  Gone to Georgia 1965 Nat Gen Sov.  1921 Sunderland palce Northwest  Washington D.C. 20036,   R975.8145STE

Source : William D. Huitt July 20, 1999
Fact 1: 1769, Resided in Grainville Co. NC h (hater/hatter)
Fact 3: 1781, (About) moved to South Carolina
Fact 4: 1785, (abt)Moved to washington County GA. now
Fact 5: Macon County seat Sandersville
Fact 6: I-85 @ SC border
Fact 8: 1802, Ga. Franklin Co. Page 027 Tax list
Fact 9: 1840, Mo. Washington Co. Harmon page 210 Census

Fact 1: Could be Tamsey


From:  Patricia Achramowicz: Here's a little food for thought with regard to Tacey Wilkinson w/o William Hewitt since some are trying to name her instead as Tracey.  Perhaps some research into Quaker records might be helpful.  

Mama & Papa?s Baby Namer ? History of Names

Littleton?s Latin Dictionary (1679) has as an appendix ?The most usual Christian names of men and women?. These lists, numbering 270 male and 126 female names.  Two curious female names in Littleton are Douglas and Tace. The former is an early example of a girl being christened by a surname. The Latin imperative Tace, be silent, is also mentioned by Camden as ?a fit name to admonish that sex of silence?. It long survived among Quakers as Tacye, Tacey.

Name/  Origin/  Gender/  Meaning
Tacita / Latin/ Female/  to be silent

Search Terms: WILKINSON (15), TACY (55) - Database: Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Combined Matches 1 - Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy: Ohio Volume 5 -   [p.967] RECORDS - 1825, 7, 26. Elizabeth [Wilkinson] & child, Tacy, Aaron & Rachel, received on certificate from Fairfax monthly meeting, Va., dtd 1823, 10, 15, endorsed by Allum Creek monthly meeting, to Miami monthly meeting 1825, 3, 31 & by Miami monthly meeting to this 1825, 6, 29 - View full context

In trolling for more information on a general search found yet more instances of women named Tacy or Tacey, and they were Quaker women.  So who knows. Maybe a search through VA records (since no one really knows where William married Tacey but where son John was born) for Quaker minutes will have her show up. Worth a shot anyway.


iii. HEWITT.
vi. JOHN WILKINSON SR.HEWITT/ HUITT, b. June 25, 1761, Brunswick County Virginia; d. June 06, 1848, Greene County Illinois; m. ELIZABETH RADCLIFF, March 14, 1778, Franklin County North Carolina; b. March 01, 1760, Franklin County North Carolina; d. July 14, 1852, Greene County Illinois Notes for JOHN WILKINSON SR.HEWITT/ HUITT:  John Huitt. Great-grandfather was from Irland,or England.  After marriage, moved to Franklin County GA. and settled on the Cherokee land. Took two pack horses and his family on foot through the Tennessee and Kentucky. Were accompanied by three other families, and after they had Crossed the Tennessee river at the mounth of the Clinch, they found an opportunity to buy a wagon. At the Wabash river, they found it necessary to construct a raft. Their trip was concluded by landing at Kakokie, Illinois In December 1804. Separted from the balance of the party, going up to what was Called Goshen settlement. In the Fall of 1805 he move with his family and settled on the buff. oppsite of confluence of the Missouri river with the Mississippi. He lived there untile 1820. He died at the resident of one if his sons.

vii. WILLIAM HEWITT, b. 1768, Grainville County North Carolina; m. MARY.


ix. JAMES HEWITT, b. 1774, South Carolina; d. August 12, 1814, Bellview Valley Washington County Missouri; m. ELIZABETH WEBB, 1797, Georgia; b. 1773, North Carolina; d. 1860, or 1870 Bellview Valley Washington County Missouri.

James and Elizabeth Huitt came to Missouri from Georgia in 1804, when they settled in a Spanish Grant, and the north edge of Bellview valley, in what was to Washington County.  

x. JONATHAN HEWITT, b. 1790, Georgia.


Johnathan Hewitt, born about 1790 in Georgia came to Amite County Mississippi with is grandfather and many residents of Franklin County Georgia in 1809-10

Married Polly gordon, part of the group that moved from Georgia to Mississippi in 1811. The family moved to Yazoo County Mississippi about 1828 and we lost them.   Johnathan was in the census there but the name was spelled as J. Huit. the first genealogist (Norte: don't know who this is referring to, nor where he supposdly died) but the second one did. Jonathan died in 1833 possibly of yellow fever.


Some researhcers believe that William was born in Cape MayCounty New Jersey, and was the son of Abigail & Thomas Huit.  However others disagree.  Please read the notes in red below before viewing the remaining Huitt/Hewitt information:

From: Bill Huitt
Sent: Monday, October 13, 2003 7:08 AM
Subject: huitt genelogy

Carole:  I believe most of the Huitt family is convinced that William Huitt is not descended from the New Jersey Huitt’s.  William’s son, John, ancestor of William D. Huitt and Bill Holder, stated in a interview that was published in an Illinois newspaper, that his father spent his childhood in VA.
Bill Huitt
Valdosta, GA 31602

From:  Patricia Achramowicz --- Hi Esther: Here's more food for thought on Tacey Wilkinson and William Hewitt. Because I've not seen any documentation to support William Hewitt being a son of the New Jersey clan (such as a will or probate naming him), a thorough search elsewhere might be in order. What comes to mind, even though son John Hewitt was born in Brunswick Co., VA is the fact that many Pennsylvania families went to Virginia (I know of one such instance in one of my allied family lines, and it seems to have been a fairly common practice.) There were Hewitts in PA.

While picking up son John Hewitt's RW pension application file on microfilm I read through part of Philip Huiet's file also, and what I found is that he was born in Berks Co., PA and died in Ohio. He fought in Guilford Co., NC where he was living at the time. He had 2 brothers, one of whom was John Huitt, a Sgt in NC, who was also pensioned. This, if I remember correctly, was the John Huitt/Hewitt of Onslow Co., NC. The third brother was David Huett.  The file goes on to state that the name was spelled Hueit, Huett, Huiart, Huitt, Huyett, Huyette, Huit, Hewitt or Hewitt.   These 3 were sons of Peter Huyett of Berks Co., PA (1730) (being 5 sons in total - Jacob, John H., Christopher, George & Phillip). The file also went on to say that this family was of French & German extraction.

Now, with the above, I checked through Berks Co., PA USGenWeb archives and unfortunately there wasn't that much. But it's worth a look-see on actual microfilm records to see if this patriarch Peter Huyett had any other family in the vicinity.  Also, as PA was deep in Quaker country the Tacey connection remains tantalizing. Even if Tacey Wilkinson herself was not Quaker perhaps her mother or grandparents were, or, she lived near a Quaker community in which the naming patterns might have held sway in her family.

I wish our John Huitt's pension stated where in SC he lived for 3 years. It seems obvious it was before 1790, and he states just after the RW.  I have to go back through the pages somewhat because I seem to recall him stating he was married in 17833 in Franklin Co., NC and moved around a few places before getting to IL but something in it doesn't make sense and it may just be me. I'll have to re-read it to pin it down.   I haven't done research in Brunswick Co, VA except to check the genweb and that's not the same thing as looking through the microfilm in the LDS. I'd like to see if there's a marriage certificate there for William & Tacey and if not, then looking elsewhere is a possibility.



THOMAS HEWITT   was born August 31, 1707 in Cape May County New Jersey, and was the son of Hester Hand and Joseph Huit.  Thomas died August 1780 in Cape May County New Jersey. He married ABIGAIL July 1728.


Thomas Hewitt 1st Generation to serve this country French Indian War and American War New Jersey.

The courts were usually held in private dwellings previous to 1745. But a new court house had now been built and the first court held in it was on the third Tuesday of May 1745 when the following officers and jurors were present: Justices Henry Young, Henry Stites, Ebenezer Swain and Nathaniel Foster.

Sheriff Jacob Hughes, Clert Elijah Hughes Sr. Grand Jurors: John Leonard, John

Scull, Noah Garrison, Peter Corson, Josep[h Corson, George Hollinshead, Clement Daniels, Benjamin Johnson, Jeremiah Hand, Thomas Buck, Joseph badcock, Isaiah Stites, Jose[h Edwards, James godfrey, Thomas Smith, Isaac Townsend, Ananias Osborne, Robert Cresse and Thomas Hewitt.

The number of residents of the county this year was 1188 according to census taken by order of the Governor of the Province.

Source: Tour of Cape May County 1988 Cape May County Historical Society

Children of THOMAS HEWITT and ABIGAIL are:

14. i. AZARIAH6 HEWITT, b. 1738.

15. ii. DANIEL HEWITT, b. 1740, About; d. January 1786.



Jonathan Hewitt removed to Granville County, North Carolina where he was listed on

the tax tolls in 1768. He was in the William Williams' Noorth Carolina State Militia

16. iv. THOMAS HEWITT, b. 1730, about; d. July 1769.

17. v. JOSEPH HEWITT, b. 1732, about; d. July 1761.

18. vi. WILLIAM HEWITT, b. 1735, Cape MayCounty New Jersey; d. 1810, Amite County Mississippi.

vii. ABIGIAL HEWITT, b. 1748; m. BENJAMIN SOUTHARD, April 21, 1773, Cape may County New Jersey.

JOSEPH HUIT was born 1670 in Bet 1690, and was the son of Randall Huit.  Joseph died December 1713 in Cape May County New Jersey. He married ESTER HAND, daughter of SHAMGAR HAND and MARY TALMAGE.

Notes for JOSEPH HUIT:

Joseph Huit Sr. :

Joseph died in the epidemic of 1713-1714 which was reported to have depopulated his

county by 40-50 person out of 200-300

"According to Thomas Leaming, an early pioneer, who died in 1723 ager 49"

in the winter of 1713-1714, the county came near depopulated by a grievous sickness, which carried off between forty and fifty of the inhabitants. The disease came on with pain in the side, breast, and sometimes in the back, navel, tooth, eye, hand, feet legs, or ear. amongst the victims were Nicholas Stillwell, Arthur Cresse, Sr. and Jr. Reuben Swain, Richard Smith, Samuel Garretson, Cornelius Hand, Josheph Hewitt,

William Shaw, John Reeves, Richard Fortesque, John Stillwell, Jaames Garretson, Return Hand, John Foremand, Jedidiah Hughes, John Matthews, Daniel Wells and ber twenty other

With a population of only two or three hunder, this was a severe epidemic for the county.

Source: from sketch of the early history of county of Cape May by Maurice Beesley, 1857. Reprinted: Cape May County Magazine of History and Genealogy, Vol. 8 No. 5, 1985 page 392

More About ESTER HAND:

Fact 1: Ester's name may have been Hester


Children of JOSEPH HUIT and ESTER HAND are:

9. i. THOMAS5 HEWITT, b. August 31, 1707, Cape May County New Jersey; d. August 1780, Cape May County New Jersey.

ii. MARY HEWITT, b. December 18, 1708.

iii. ESTER HEWITT, b. February 04, 1710/11.

iv. ANNE HEWITT, b. October 10, 1712.

10. v. JOSEPH JR. HEWITT, b. January 26, 1713/14; d. May 25, 1762.

RANDALL HUIT was born 1653 in abt 8n Long Island New York, and was the son of Dorothey and Randall Huit.   Randall died February 1694/95 in Cape May County New Jersey. He married DOROTHY 1674 in In Middletown New Jersey. She died March 20, 1693/94 in Cape May County New Jersey.


The first Hewitt in Cape May County New Hersey having moved thare around 1690. A charter for a whalefishing company issued to Randaell, his two brother and nine other Feb.14 1678/9. Randell and his wife Dorothy began to dispose of their land in Middletown New Jersey (Monmouth County) in 1683. In 1694/5. randall Huit records his earmark in Cape May County

Randall Huit was at first of Middletown and among the original settlers(With his father) at Portland Point New Jersey. having town lot #6. Dorothy Hewitt is also written in records as Dorritey.  Randall Huit, II was as his occupation. a whaler. The records show that in February 14, 1678/4 a charter was granted for a whale fishing company to Randall Huit, his two brother and nine others is issued.  In 1683, randall and wife, Dorithy, began to dispose of their land in Middletown New Jersey. 1690 is the approximate date randell moved to Cape May New Jersey.  He was located in Cape May New Jersey in 1694/9 because records indicate that an earmark was recorder. Earmark were used to identify cattle.  Randall's will is dated December 22, 1694 and recorded April 9, 1695  Dorothy Huit's estate was settled March 3, 1695/6 with son Randall Huit as heir.  The original will was not located.  Children of RANDALL HUIT and DOROTHY are:

7. i. JOSEPH4 HUIT, b. 1670, Bet 1690; d. December 1713, Cape May County New Jersey.

ii. ANN HUIT, b. 1670.

iii. DOROTHY HUIT, b. 1670.

8. iv. RANDALL HUIT, b. 1675, Monmouth Track, New Jersey; d. April 1733, Cape May County New Jersey.

RANDALL HUITT was born 1625 in England, and died 1669 in Monmouth track, New Jersey. He married MARGARRET ANDREWS STRINGER 1648 in Norfolk Vounty Virginia, daughter of STRINGER and SUSANNA ANDERWS.

Notes for RANDALL HUIT:  Randall Huit came to this country from England and landed in Lynn, Massachusetts.  About 1638 where he resided. According to the records. Randall's religious preference was for the Bastist Church. That caused problems in the Puritan ares of Massachusetts. He found it necessary to leave and go to more religiously tolerant ares which was the English Colony of Gravesed, Long Island asn was located there by 1646. Randall Huit was Burgher (citizen) of New Amsterdam (New York Historical Collections, 1886). Long Island at that time was under the control of the Dutch and was called New Amsterdam but they encouraged English citizen to help the land. Randell was granted a plantation from the Dutch in 1650  Randall Huit was of the Raritan County December 6, 1663 which indicates that he was an early settler at this date on the Monmouth Tract in what is now the state if New Jersey. Randall Huit settled down at Portland Point in 1665, one of the settlements on the Monmuth Tract, where he was assigned lot No. 7 and where, November 2, 1669, a court was held at thishouse. Randall Huit was undoubtedly one of the earliest of the pioneers in this locality for his name is associated with the purchase of the Monmouth tract, as his name appears among the debtors to Eilliam Reape.  Tandall died at his home on lot., 7.

The contribution to the history of New Jersey that was made by randall Huit is his part in helping to settle the land in what is known today as Monmouth County. He was identified as the surveyor and the person who negoriated with the Indians to purchase the land from them. He acted as an advance agent in procuring these lands from the natives and wo whom he sold rum to the amount of ?-0-6, from which we infer that Randall Huit was also a trader, merchant or innkeeper. In the oldest book of record in the County Clerk's Office. at Freehold, New Jersey ( Book A, od Deeds) on page 42, is a copy of "The Last Will and Testament of Randall Huit, the Elder of Portland Point in the Province of New Jersy, this 112th of January 1669"

Randall Huit married Margaret Andrews Stringer who was from the lower Norfolk Area, Februray 12, 1671. After Randall's death, his widow married Benard Smith July 14, 1673. Margaret Smith, formerly the wife of Randall Huit, gave her consent that Bernard Smith should sell her land and all her good and cattle of she possessed as the widow of Randall Huit.

Source:  Information recived from David Jackson

From Randall Huit Born 1625 to William Hewitt born 1735   July 27, 1999   Children of RANDALL HUIT and MARGARRET STRINGER are:

i. JOSEPH3 HUIT, b. 1648, abiyt) Cape May County NewJersey; d. 1710, Monmouth track New Jersey.

3. ii. THOMAS HUIT, b. 1650, (USA); d. January 30, 1710/11, Shresvury, New Jersey.

4. iii. RANDALL HUIT, b. 1653, abt 8n Long Island New York; d. February 1694/95, Cape May County New Jersey.









Ancestry of William G. Huitt