Huitt / Hewitt Family History

lilink.gif (1175 bytes)JAMES HUITT SR. -  In 1804 James Huitt purchased 800 arpents of land in Belleview Valley in what would later become Washington County, Missouri.   The Huitt family left Georgia and arrived here in the spring of 1805. 

lilink.gif (1175 bytes)WILLIAM HUITT - Beginning with William, the father of James Sr., the Huitt lineage continues back to the year 1625.

lilink.gif (1175 bytes)WILKINSON HUITT - Son of James Sr., joined the Mormon Church & went to Nauvoo, Illinois. Information about Wilkinson is given on this page named: Washington County Missouri & The Historic Mormon Movement.

lilink.gif (1175 bytes)HUITT-JINKERSON FAMILY - Researched & written by Paul Farmer.

lilink.gif (1175 bytes)REBECCA HUITT CARLIN - Descendants of Rebecca Huitt Carlin - Sixth 1st Lady of Illinois - Researched & written by William D. Huitt.  Rebecca was niece of James Huitt Sr. & first cousin to Wilkinson.

lilink.gif (1175 bytes)HUITT / HEWITT MISCELANEOUS

lilink.gif (1175 bytes)WASHINGTON COUNTY FRIGHT - mentions "Old man Hewitt" who was found in a well - murdered.


lilink.gif (1175 bytes)HUITT - HENDERSON FAMILIES - Includes miscellaneous info on the Huitt - Henderson families including Mormon proxy baptisms (partial index).




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