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The Iron Mountain baby & the tiny valise he was found in.
Picture contributed by Cleo Hamby.

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Picture of trestle over Big River contributed by: Leslie Hamby

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This is the train trestle where the baby was thrown from
just before the train was crossing over Big River.

Photographed: December, 2003 by Pete Hamby

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Pictures of the trestle to give an idea as to the heighth.  The newspaper
article states the baby dropped 50 feet. Photographed: December, 2003 by Pete Hamby.

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Trestle~5.jpg (32479 bytes)

The baby would have been thrown in the field on the left side of the photo.
The light colored walkway has been added since the incident, otherwise
nearly the same as the incident.
Photographed December, 2003 by Pete Hamby

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Photographed: 21 August 1999 by Esther M. Carroll

RECIEVED THE FOLLOWING EMAIL ON 2/27/2000:    Esther,  I have really enjoyed your Carroll's Corner - a great Washington County link.  Just FYI on the Iron Mountain Baby - I found his wife's Social Security Death Index file on-line which provided the following information:   Sallie Helms born:  Sep 17, 1904  died:  Sep 1987 in the following zip code area:  53406 Racine, Racine County, Wisconsin.  Social Security Card applied for before 1951 in Texas.  Just another bit of info for you.  Bob Behnen   Kirksville, Mo.