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Sarah Jane* - (my great, great grandmother)  was born 9 February 1846 in Washington County, Missouri.  She was the daughter of Mary Jane Dickey and William Hawkins.  Sarah Jane was first married to Brad Dicus & had six children. After Sarah Jane & Brad Dicus divorced Jane married Daniel Martin.  They had five children.  Sarah Jane Hawkins Dicus Martin died 6 Dec. 1912 & is buried in Shoal Creek Cemetery, Huzzah, CrawfordCoMo next to her second husband Daniel Martin.

My mother told me numerous times while I was growing up that her father, Guy Martin, always said that we were part Indian. Guy Martin, brother of Ida Martin Cooper.  They were both grand children of Sarah Jane through her daughter Margie. Aunt Idie also told me several times during the years that I knew her that "Jane Hawkins was part Indian."  But unfortunately she did not know or could not remember the name of the tribe. Marie Cooper Bersche, aunt Idie's daughter told me a couple of times that the tribe was Blackfoot but I'm not certain that this is correct & would still like some corroboration if possible. Another distant cousin said she thought maybe it was Cherokee but she wasn't for sure. Also another relative says she was told that the tribe was Osage.


I was told by another relative that Jane had psychic abilities (premonitions).  I was also told that Jane was very mean to her step-daughter, Mary (Polly) Martin.  Polly was epileptic & Jane supposedly would not let her sleep in the house with the rest of the family but instead made her sleep out on the back porch. 

The bowl at right (above) was given to me by Marie Cooper Bersche daughter of Ida Martin Cooper.  She said it belonged to Jane Hawkins.

Children of Sarah Jane Hawkins & Brad Dicus:

Mary Elizabeth - Born 1867 in Missouri.  Married Thomas Coke Wright 19 Dec. 1886 at Davisville, Crawford County, Missouri.  Died circa 1897 & believed to be buried at Lost Creek Cemetery, Hwy. 8, Washington County, Missouri.




Margie Frances* was born 14 Dec. 1868 in WashCoMo.  She was first married to Jesse F. Henslee in 1887 & had a daughter.  Second to her step-brother James Marion Martin*; in 1892 & had six children.  She was supposedly married a third time somewhere in southern Missouri near Arkansas but got divorced & changed her name back to Martin. Margie died 16 Nov. 1955 in WashCoMo. & is buried in the New Masonic Cemetery, Potosi.  There is no tombstone but her grave is located on the east edge of the cemetery about half way up the hill.  Margie smoked a corn cob pipe & I was told that while residing at Irondale she maintained a still.  Margie had psychic abilities )premonitions) a trait she inherited from her mother, Jane Hawkins, who was supposed to be part Indian (Native American).  Margie also told peoples fortunes by reading tea leaves in the bottoms of tea cups & many of her predictions came true.  Her favorite expression was, "Why its a sin to the crickets & grasshoppers!" She loved to dance & could not keep still whenever she heard "dancin music".

Comment about being part Indian:

Hi there! I just wanted to share with you that I've always been told that Margie Dicus Martin was part Osage Indian. I was reading your comments and wanted to share. :)  PS-I'm related to Olive Martin  Have a nice day!    ~Sissy~ March 2010


Thomas H - b: 1869  d: 1869-70


Martha Alice - 14 Feb. 1869 WashCoMo - d: 6 Jan. 1948 in rural Alton, Oregon Co. Mo.- buried: Hollis Cem., Thayer, Mo. - married Alvin Stotler (half brother to Wm. Rhodes)


Eveline - was born 16 March 1873 in Brazil, Washington County, Missouri & married 1881 to William Rhodes who was 1/2 brother to Alvin Stotler.  Evaline & William had four children: Haskel, Ernest, Henry, & Sadie L. who was born 19 Feb. 1898.  She was married to a man by the last name of Nethington. Sadie died 15 Apr. 1981 in Chico, California. Evaline died 17 June 1959 in Iron County, Missouri & is buried in New Masonic Cemetery, Potosi, Washington County, Missouri.



Sarah - b: May 1874 - d:          m: to Ruben F. Vaughan.  They are listed in the 1900 cn. in Webster Groves, St. Louis with 2 children: Thomas H.-b: Aug.1879 & Clyde B. b: Sept. 1899.  Ruben is listed as a Restaurant Keeper b: June 1850. Death Cert. for Reuben Vaughan:  b: 5 June 1850 list his marital status as "separated" - address: 5800 Arsenal St. - hospital - occupation: physician - d: 21 April 1935 of La Grippe/chronic myocaditis - buried: ?Arsco? Mo.- undertaker: F.J. Jones, ?St.Charles? Mo.


Children of Sarah Jane Hawkins & Daniel Martin:

Lulana J.: Born 5 January 1882.  Married Samuel Breakfield in 1902.  Lulana died 12 October 1973 at Clayton, St. Louis County, Missouri.  She is buried at Shoal Creek Cemetery, Crawford County, Missouri.


Elis: Born 26 April 1884. He married Etta Johnson.  Elis died 7 June 1958 at Potosi & is buried in Sunset Hills, Potosi.


Jesse F.or E.:  Born July 1885.  Married Maggie Blanton.   Jesse was killed in the Bonne Terre mines but I do not have a date or any further information.




Ottis W. (Ode): Born April, 1889.  Married Eva M. Bays 28 December 1913.  Ottis died 24 June 1916 of septicemia from pleuritic effusion appendicitis at St. Louis Baptist Hospital & is buried in Shoal Creek Cemetery, Crawford County, Missouri.  Cousin Tom Spradling told me that he was told that Otis was taken by horse & wagon from Crawford County to St. Louis for medical treatment.



Annie Bessie:  Born 21 August 1891.  Married Riley Breakfield 29 March 1906 at Quaker, Washington County, Missouri.  Bessie died 20 October 1966 & is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, DeSoto, Jefferson County, Missouri.



1800 - 1810 birthplace unknown
d:  1848 - 1850 - ?Missouri?

m: 18 June 1835 - in WashCoMo. - Mary Jane Dickey (dau. of daughter of Elizabeth Gurtner/Gortner & Andrew S. Dickey) - "I hereby certify that I did on the 18th day of June in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred & Thirty Five Solemnize the rite of Ceremony between William Hawkins & Jan Dickey she being under lawful age Consent was given by her parents.  Given under my hand the 14th day of Sept. 1835.  Jacob Clark - P of the Gospel"   In the 1840 census the William Hawkins family was living in Liberty T., WashCoMo.  William Hawkins, Sr., died  1848/49 as he is not in the 1850 census.  His wife, Jane, & her children are living next door to her father, Andrew S. Dickey.


Joseph C. - was born circa 1837.   In the 1860 cn. Joseph is living with his aunt & uncle, Catherine Dickey & Samuel Robinson.  Joseph married Mrs. Lydia A. Trimble 23 Dec. 1874 at Mr. Robt. Doss, WashCoMo.  Joseph died sometime after 1874.

William - was born circa 1839.  1860 cn. William is living with the J.J. Tennison family in WashCoMo.  William married circa 1869 to Margaret M. (maiden name unknown).  The family was living in Bellevue T., WashCoMo. in 1870 cn.  William died sometime after 1870.

George Washington - was born 15 November 1842 in Washington County, Missouri.  During the Civil War George was a Sergeant in Clardy's Battalion of Price's Confederate Army.  On 23 September 1866 in Reynolds County Missouri. George married Sarah A. Carty.  George, Sr., died 3 July 1925 & is buried in the Black Cemetery, Black, Reynolds County, Missouri.  Most of the information about George Washington Hawkins was provided by his great grandson, Charles Hill of Black, Missouri. In the 1880 cn. it gives the birthplace of George's father as "don't know".

Robert - was born 1843.  In 1860 he & his sister, Martha, were living with their grandfather, Andrew S. Dickey.  On the micro-film for the 50th Regiment, Missouri Volunteer Infantry (Union Army), there is a Robert A. Hawkins listed with Company E.  This was a Washington County unit.   The military records say that Robert died of Typhoid Fever in DeSoto, Jefferson County, Missouri on December 1st, 1864.  No tombstone has been found in Jefferson or Washington Counties.

Frances Elizabeth was born 18 May 1844.   In 1860 cn. Frances is still living with her mother & step-father, Jane Dickey Hawkins & Bailey Hillen.  Frances was first married to John Hillen in 1861 & second to Oscar Heffron.   Frances died 1 March 1900 & is believed to be buried in Lost Creek Cemetery, Washington County Missouri.

Sarah Jane* - (my great, great grandmother)  was born 9 February 1846 in Washington County, Missouri. In 1860 cn. Jane is living with her mother & step-father, and Dickey Hawkins & Bailey Hillen.  Sarah Jane was first married to Brad Dicus then  Daniel Martin. Jane died 6 Dec. 1912 & is buried in Shoal Creek Cemetery, Huzzah, CrawfordCoMo.  It is said that Jane was part Indian (Native American).

Martha A. - b: 1848/49 - d: after 1860 - In 1860 Martha & her brother, Robert, were living with their grandfather, Andrew S. Dickey. m: ?Robert Martin in Harmony T., WashCoMo.?

Children of Mary Jane Dickey Hawkins & William Bailey Hillen: 







RICHARD HAWKINS* - In Feb. 2009 I found on Ancestry.com that someone had submitted that Richard Hawkins, b: 1780 in Va., was the father of William Hawkins.  There was no other information provided. In Nov. 2010 I found on Ancestry that Richard's wife was Lydia A. Trimble & that in 1830 Richard was living in York, Virginia.  Wondering how correct the Lydia A. Trimble part is as I have her marrying Joseph Hawkins (son of Wm. - see above) in 1874 in WashCoMo.



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