John Hughes

John Hughes - was born in Virginia 1772.  In 1796 he married Susannah Hays in Jefferson Co., Tennessee.  The couple came to Missouri circa 1806 & settled in Concord Township, Washington County, Missouri. Mr. Hughes built a grist mill on Big River at the base of Hughes Mountain which was named after him.  They had twelve children: Pryor, Mary (who married Elisha Wallen), Ella, William, Hays, James, Mark, Mahlon, Elizabeth, John, Susannah & Sythian.  John & Susannah were members of the Bellevue Presbyterian Church. John Hughes was a Captain in the War of 1812.   John & Susannah are buried in Big River Cemetery, Irondale, Washington County, Missouri.

The pre-cambrian outcrops of Hughes Mountain are among the oldest in the United States at 1.5 billion years & is listed as one of Missouri's Geographic Wonders.  Ancient volcanic rhyolite vertical rock formations are known as the Devil's Honeycomb & are a unique phenomenon in Missouri. 


John&SusannahHuges.JPG (15261 bytes)

John Hughes & his wife Susannah Hayes Hughes.  Big River Cemetery  Photographed: May 1989

Hughes Mountain.JPG (28137 bytes)

Hughes Mountain taken from Bellevue Valley.
Photographed: 13 June 2001

Gene & I hiked up the Hughes Mountain trail back in the 1980's or 90's.  Beautiful mountain & a beautiful view of Bellevue Valley.  Wish we'd taken our camera along.  There is supposed to be collared lizards on Hughes Mountain but we sure never saw any.  Have always wanted to go back & hike up the mountain again take pictures this time but don't know if that is going to happen now at our age.