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Martin Family
Picture Page

By:  Esther M. Ziock Carroll

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Daniel & Jane Martin's tombstone, Shoal Creek Cemetery, Crawford County, Missouri  -  Photographed: 1989

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Guy Martin's grade school class picture.  Guy is front row second from right.
Washington County, Missouri ~ year unknown

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Jesse Martin & Maggie Blanton Martin

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Maggie Blanton & Jesse Martin

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Otis Martin

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Gladys Martin ~ died in infancy.
Daughter of Margie Dicus & James Martin

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Jesse Martin

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Besse Martin Breakfield

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Wedding picture of Harold Martin &
Theresa Snyder. Jim Martin is at left
standing next to Harold. Submitted By:
Harold Jarvis Martin son of
Harold & grandson of John & Stella Martin.

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Riley Breakfield

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Harold, James E., Frandy Martin
Ed & Stella's boys.

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John Edward & Estelle Jarvis Martin

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Ray & Ollie Breakfield Laramore

OttisMartinTombstone.JPG (17226 bytes)
Shoal Creek Cemetery ~ Crawford Co., Mo.

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New Masonic Cemetery ~ Potosi, Mo.

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James E. Martin - 1960



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