A True Story by Esther Ziock Carroll

Due to the confidential location of this 1800's cemetery in the deep woods of Washington County, Missouri not all facts can be disclosed.  Between the 1800's cemetery & the main road a site was found where stones were placed as if outlining several graves.  An archeologist acquaintance thought it might be Indian graves.  Also many years ago a solid white wolf was observed near this area.  Years later the nearby resident heard an extremely forlorn howling in the woods as if a dog were sick, injured or dying.  This person went to where they heard the howling but never found any incapacitated animal. 

A few years ago Gene & I were in this area attempting to locate the old 1800's cemetery.   Gene began walking south while I headed in a northerly direction.  I could hear my footsteps in the dry leaves & as I walked farther away from Gene I noticed I could also hear other footsteps not far behind me.  When I would stop the other footsteps would stop.  When I would turn around & look there was nothing/no-one there.  When I would start walking again so would the other footsteps. After three or four times of hearing these steps & turning around & seeing nothing there I began to get a bit unnerved.  Decided I would head back towards Gene which meant I had to walk back in the direction from which I had heard the footsteps. Never saw or heard anything on my way back.  Finally found Gene shortly after he located the old cemetery.

A few years later Gene & I tried to visit the cemetery again.  Due to health problems Gene couldn't do much walking so I continued alone.  Again I noticed footsteps in the leaves behind me just like before.  I turned around & looked - nothing there.  I mumbled out loud to myself, "Oh, no. Not again."  I continued walking but there were no more mysterious footsteps crunching in the leaves after I had made my comment.   I walked around for maybe 30 minutes & never heard anything more.  I finally joined Gene at his resting spot by the creek & we came home.  I didn't have my ghost hunting equipment with me at the time of this incident but since then I carry it where ever I go - just in case.  ;-)

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