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15 AUG. 2011

THE OZARK HAINT HUNTERS was founded by Esther & Gene Carroll of Washington County, Missouri on 15 August 2011 although we began ghost hunting in 2005.  We are now strictly a husband & wife team.  We base our investigations on evidence we collect in many different ways.  We utilize numerous sources including personal experiences & technical equipment such as digital cameras, laser thermometers, audio recorders, night cams, etc.  We are low-key people that provide real, true, honest, reliable evidence.  We are not after fame or fortune.  We have no desire to "sell" classes, equipment, tours, or conventions, or to pursue awards etc.  We are not out to compete with any other paranormal group.  We do like to post the results of our investigations on the internet for those who have the interest but are unable to participate.  So if you have things that go bump in the night or suspect a haunting in your home, place of business or other location contact The Ozark Haint Hunters.  There is no charge for consultations or investigations.  Confidentiality can be accommodated if preferred.

Esther Ziock Carroll is a 1966 graduate of Lafayette High School, St. Louis County, Missouri & attended Mineral Area College in St. Francois County. She also taught Continuing Educations classes at MAC in genealogy.  Esther has written extensively about her family tree much of which has been published in news papers & history books.  Gene Carroll is a 1961 graduate of Eureka High School, St. Louis County & a retired 30 year St. Louis County fire fighter & United States Air Force veteran.

The Carrolls are former members of the Franklin County Paranormal Society & Esther was acting president temporarily while the organization's founder & leader was on a leave of absence.  The Carrolls are past members of K.O.P.S. (Knights of the Paranormal Society).  Esther Carroll is a former member of Missouri Paranormal Research & The Paranormal Task Force.  The Carrolls have participated in paranormal investigations in Washington County, Franklin County, & St. Louis County, Missouri.  Esther Carroll also assisted with historical research for the Paranormal Task Force's video documentary "The Haunted Boy", a Booth Brothers' film by Spooked Productions.  She also appeared in the paranormal documentary "The Unknown Resident" by Tom Halstead from Darklevel Productions.



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2nd May 2012

This is a quiet group out of Missouri, founded by Esther and Gene Carroll. They don’t get involved in all of the drama, they aren’t out for all of the fame and exposure. They are tried and true, down to earth paranormal investigators and I instantly fell in love with them!

Their website is really nice. I enjoyed reading about their many adventures, loved spending time reading the ghost stories.  Their Facebook site is just as great. I love that they are very low key and that you learn so much about them without them even talking about themselves. This is a really amazing and wonderful group that you all need to check out if you already haven’t!

My questions that I sent out were so nicely answered and I really am looking forward to you reading them! So here we go…………

1)What originally got you and your group into ghost hunting?
I got into ghost hunting in 2005 when the leader of a paranormal group contacted me about an antebellum home (now vacant) I had featured on my web site.  A step-relative (now deceased) & family had lived in this home for many years & the paranormal group had been called on to investigate it.  I was able to participate in the preliminary walk-through.  After going inside the old home the group broke up into smaller groups & one member who had not met me or knew anything about me was telling afterwards about speaking with a spirit in an upstairs room.  She stated that the spirit said the name “Esther”.  I told her that that was my name.  That’s when I told her about my step-family living in the house for many years.   Later another member viewed a video he had taken in one of the rooms downstairs & a small ball of mist was filmed in the vacant room.  It moved across the room maybe eight inches above the floor & then dissipated into the wall.  This happened while I was sitting outside not far from that room.  That was my first experience in paranormal investigation.  I think the fact that the spirit (which I believe is a step-relative) said my name is what got me to really take notice of the paranormal.  I wish now I would’ve gone back into the house & tried to make contact with the spirit but everyone was getting ready to leave out for another location & I sure wasn’t staying there by myself!

2) Do you have a favorite investigation? If so where and why is it your favorite?
I think my most favorite investigation was at an antebellum house that I inherited & still own. This is not the one mentioned above.  My inherited house was always rumored to be haunted & numerous relatives have had paranormal experiences there & it is where I may have captured a ghost on film as in a picture I took there appears to be a transparent figure of a man in the back yard.  The persons who currently live in the house have also told of numerous paranormal experiences.

3)  How many members are in your group? Do you have a maximum # you allow to join?
Since we are a fairly new group, being founded in 2011, there are only five members in the Ozark Haint Hunters.  Then we have five honorary members.  We list them as honorary as one has their own group & the others live too far away to participate.  We have no limit as to how many members our group will take so anyone living in or near Washington County, Missouri who would be interested in joining please give us a shout.

4) What time of year are you most busy?
We like to do investigations in warm weather.  Three of our active members are senior citizens & we don’t like to go out in the cold.  Plus I just think it is more difficult to get paranormal activity in the cold & much harder to discern cold spots with the laser thermometer.

5)  If you could give any advice to someone just starting investigating what would you tell them?
My advice to newbies is to ALWAYS be respectful to your client & the spirits.  Be polite & never try to provoke the spirits for any reason.

Thanks so much for answering my questions. I really enjoyed getting to know your group. Keep up the great work!! :)

Get to know Ozark Haint Haunters through their website:

Through their Facebook too:


Thanks so much as always for reading, I really appreciate it! PIRS appreciates the love and support that all of you have shown us, please know that we love and support you all just as much :)
Take care,
Kellie Ann
Co-founder of
Paranormal Investigation and Research Society










STAGE COACH HOUSE ~ I heard that the old "Stagecoach" house on Missouri St. was haunted.  The wife of the resident, Charlie Hayes, said she awakened one night and there was a man dressed in clothing fashionable in the early 1800's.. The old house was destroyed, I believe, in the 40's. I am 76 years old , and I remember it well.  - Jennie Maude Roussin DeClue


CLARA HALL HOUSE ~ This house was built in the early 1800's.   Written on the wall of an upstairs room were the words, "I spent the day in the berry patch with Alice, July 23, 1844."  One time an occupant of the house saw a ghost-figure of a lady coming down the stairs.  Unfortunately this house burned down in the 1990's.


HAUNTED OAK TREE ~ 3 miles east of Anthony's Mill.  A man was hanged there during the Civil War.  From: Placenames of Five Southeast Missouri Counties by Gertrude Minnie Zimmer


Palmer Ghost - Said to be the ghost of a woman who died in 1850 & inhabits the area of Palmer.


Washington County Witch - There was a woman struck by lightening by the Cadet Store next to the depot - it did not hurt her.  It was a clear day, several people there at the store witnessed it.   The word was that she was a witch and they can get struck by lightening and it not hurt them.  She got struck three times.  And lived to a ripe old age. From: Pat O'Hanlon Ramsey

LONG ~ BANTA HOUSE: From:  Jennie Maude Roussin DeClue  ~  I remember the old Long Banta house when I was a kid in the 30's in Potosi.  It was as I remember, in a very run down condition, and we neighborhood kids would not venture on the grounds because we "knew" it was haunted.


A WITCHES WAKE - Submitted By: Garrett Gable - Although these incidents took place in Phelps Co., Mo. the "witch" involved was from Washington Co., Mo.:

Just up the road from my place there lived a lady and her family, matter of fact she came from Anthonie’s Mill, Washington Co. with her husband.  Anyway they were John and Susie (Rickner) Middleton, 1876-1938. I heard lots of strange stories about Susie as I grew up, I suppose a lot of folks just didn't understand her or judged her as a "witch" as I heard her labeled at times. As I have grown older and able to sort things out, and able to still talk to a lady that used to live out here and remembered Susie, (she's ninety-four years old), Susie Middleton was a mid-wife and did practice some witchcraft! I heard from several old timers upon entering her old home there was a photo there that seemed to "move about" as you gazed upon it.  I heard she stopped the severe bleeding of a Vessie resident one time after babbling some type of "healing words". I heard she could look through a mason jar of water from a creek that had to run in some precise direction, forget what direction, and there would be a mirror behind that jar with a lit candle behind and either to her left or right hand side as she gazed in the mirror and supposedly she could see whatever vision she was desiring. You know years ago there was a little magazine called Fate that my father bought and sure enough found that old timey vision story in it. Weird huh? Susie also had a  four year old daughter that burned to death at the old place and supposedly people would see her ghost wailing and running in those woods at night.  Well, when Susie passed away in 1938, you know how a lot of folks did then, they'd just gather around at the deceaseds' home the night before the burial with the body in a casket there in the home.  Well my grandpa, George Gabel and one of his brothers, Wm., was there that night amongst others. I'll never forget my grandpa telling me that night at times there would be severe beating upon the outside of the old home. At times he would see what looked like a lantern flashing by a window as if someone was running past it. The only folks with any nerve to inspect outside was my grandpa and my great uncle, but to no avail. I do know there had to be something to this story because nothing ever rattled my grandpa.


If you have a ghost story that you would like included on this page please send an email.
Confidentiality can be accommodated.



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