"The Unknown Resident" from Darklevel Productions is filmed & directed by Tom Halstead & produced by Nicole Smith.  It is a two hour non-fictional documentary of authentic paranormal occurrences filmed on location.  It is raw footage with real, actual scenes.  It will take you on a journey where spirits roam in unrested places.

Experience EVP's & white noise phenomenon that's never been heard before.  Visit ancient burial grounds 700 ft. high on bluffs of the Sultic ruins;  also includes private, residential hauntings.  Take a trip to Enox Bridge & learn about the tragic deaths that took place there & experience the demon eyes of the hell hounds that lurk in the darkness.

See actual footage of an EVP pow-wow in a haunted cemetery in Franklin County, Missouri where a spirit makes it's presence known.  Washington County genealogist/historian & paranormal investigator, Esther Ziock Carroll, can be seen & heard participating in this session & her name appears in the credits at the end of the film.

For more information & to view trailers please go to:  http://theunkownresident.webs.com/index.htm   c) 2011 Darklevel Productions. All rights reserved. For private use only.