~  Patience Worth  ~
Pearl Lenore Pollard Curran

Pearl Pollard Curran is best known for her co-authorship with Patience Worth.  Together, beginning in the early 1900's, they wrote several best selling novels, short stories, & hundreds of poems.  However it is the unusual way that they partnered that made them famous.  Patience Worth was a 17th century spirit that dictated to Pearl Curran by channeling through a Ouija board.  The contact began in 1913 when the spirit stated, "Many moons ago I lived. Again I come. Patience Worth my name.  If thou shalt live, so shall I..........". When asked when she lived, the dates 1649 - 94 were given and that her home was "Across the sea."  Patience indicated that she was from England,  had lived in rural Dorsetshire with her father John and mother Anne.   Patience Worth was later to indicate that after coming to America she was eventually killed by the Indians.


Pearl Lenore Pollard was born in Mound City, Illinois in 1883 & was the daughter of Mary E. & Geo. G. Pollard.  Her family moved to Texas when Pearl was still an infant but eventually returned to Missouri residing in St. Louis.  About 1898 her family moved to Palmer, Harmony Township, Washington County, Missouri where the family lived in a rented house & her father worked as a bookkeeper for a lead mining company.   The Pollard family lived between the  Alice &  Hooker E. Blount family & the Mary & William League family.  Other families on the same 1900 census page were:  Benjamin & Myrtle Maxwell,  William & Ada Jarvis, Mary Jinkerson, Edward & Anna Wilkinson, Thomas & Martha Skaggs, James & Martha Jinkerson, Stephen & Eliza Conway, John Mallow.

Pearl eventually took up residence in Chicago, Illinois where she studied voice & music but would come home to visit her family in Missouri.  She gave several recitals at the Potosi Opera House (now the Masonic Lodge). 


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Potosi_Masonic_Sign2.jpg (3438 bytes)Built 1848 this was possibly the first opera house west of the Mississippi River. Miss Pearl Pollard, author of the Patience Worth books,  gave music recitals here. It was later purchased by Potosi Masonic Lodge.  For pics of Masonic Cemetery click here.   Photographed: 2 May 1999