Crawford County, Missouri

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Went out on a picture taking expedition today (30 August 2002) Tried to find the Shoal Creek Church & Cemetery. I’ve been there before but it was a looooooooooong time ago. Anyway, I told Gene, “I think we’re supposed to turn here.” (Hwy. Z) So he turned. Weeeeeeeeell......we drove around & drove around for maybe 45 minutes on gravel roads that all started looking alike. Finally we turned onto another road & saw tire tracks in the gravel. Gene said, “It looks like someone has been through this way.” I replied, “Maybe it was us!” LOL So we drove around & drove around & drove around some more till we finally came out on Hwy. 19 at Cherryville. By this time we were getting hungry so drove up to Steelville to get some lunch. After that we paid a quick visit to the Steelville Cemetery then came home. Never did find the Shoal Creek Church but got a lot of other good pictures along the way.


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Above & Below: Shoal Creek Road & Shoal Creek

Photographed: 30 August 2002

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Huzzah Valley ~    Photographed:  11 August 1999

Huzzah Valley Stable & Campground. The grave of a Civil War soldier is in the barn. There are two other soldiers graves on the property but their locations are no longer known.  A furious Civil War battle took place here - for details see Washington County in the Civil War Part II 


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HUZZAH CREEK - I rolled up my pants legs & waded out into the middle of the creek for this picture!  Saw a huge 2 inch long tadpole & lots of minnows.  Photographed:  11 August 1999

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CIVIL WAR GRAVE - About two miles west of Huzzah Valley Stable & Campground on north side of
Hwy. 8.  For details see Washington County in the Civil War - Part II.  Photographed: 11 Aug. 1999



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