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Pictures of Historic & Scenic Sites:

Jefferson County, Missouri

By:  Esther & Gene Carroll

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DeSOTO ~   DeSoto Public Library;  Railroad Tracks; Arlington Hotel

HERCULANEUM ~ Herculaneum founded 1808;  Old bridge over St. Joachim Creek;   Doe Run Company;  two views of Mississippi River;

HILLSBORO  ~ Jefferson County Courthouse;  Three Historic Buildings across the street from the courthouse;  Sandy Creek Covered Bridge;

KIMMSWICKKimm Family Cemetery;  historic home;  Breezy Heights 1908;  

MASTODON STATE PARK ~ Various views of Bone Bed Trail

MISCELLANEOUS ~ Palmer House & Palmer Lane Sign;  Old Stone House;  Entrance to Shephard Hills Cemetery;  Large brush fire south of DeSoto; Platin Creek;

MORSE MILL - Morse Mill;

VALLE MINES:      Lost History Museum;  Lost History Museum Store & Office;



Gov. Daniel Dunklin's Grave Site

Jefferson County GenWeb



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