Breton Street ~ Potosi, Washington County, Mo.

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Isaac Jamieson House built 1816. ~ Photographed:  March 2007
From The Miner's Prospect (1990 Souvenir Edition) ~ This house was built in 1816. (Date is marked on house.) Possibly it is the eaerliest built house remaining in Potosi.  It was remodeled in 1983 by Joe Bust.  He found a carving on the west wall which read, "I remodeled this house, 1873. J.D. PEndergrast." It could have been part of the Mine Au Breton Fort that is mentioned in the history of Ste. Genevieve.   The ceiling is actually built as a floor & may have housed another story for look-out purposes.  The joists in the roof also are odd shaped.  The location itself commands a view of the surrounding country.

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John S. Brickey house ~ Photographed: 23 Sept. 2002
From The Miner's Prospect (1990 Souvenir Edition) ~ The land was deeded to John S. Brickey by Moses Austin in 1816.  The house was built about 1818.........The front door & an interior door have the original cast-iron hinges in the arrow shaped style used in the colonial period.  One wall of the house is concrete which leads us to believe that the house was built around part of the old Mine Au Breton Fort mentioned in history.  This John S. Brickey was a justice of the peace & could have been one of the first State Legislators & possibley an early circuit court recorder.

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Old Presbyterian Church: This church was built 1832. It now houses a museum.  Esther M. Carroll worked as a volunteer tour guide in this museum for 15 years.    Photographed Oct. 1998
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Masonic Cemetery       Potosi City Cemetery

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Potosi_Masonic_Sign2.jpg (3438 bytes)Built 1848 this was possibly the first opera house west of the Mississippi River. Miss Pearl Pollard, author of the Patience Worth books,  gave music recitals here. It was later purchased by Potosi Masonic Lodge.  For pics of Masonic Cemetery click here.   Photographed: 2 May 1999

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Sweet Memories Sandwich & Ice Cream Shop ~ From: The Miner's Prospect (1990 Souvenir Edition) ~ Francis X. Connelly House - The builder is unknown.  G. I. Van Alen bought the house in 1869. He was the Washington County Prosecuting Attorney...............he married Harriet Van Alen.  In 1881 he married Mary Francis.  In 1887 James & Elizabeth Homan bought the property from Van Alen for $550. In 1893 Francis X. Connelly purchased the house for $1200. They were a well known family who had eight children.   The Connelly family lived in the house for 34 years.  The small house in the back is referred to by old-timers as the slave house.  The slaves were free but continued to live with the Connellys.  The slaves slept in the little house but ate in the kitchen of the big house.  Al & Joyce Weiss have lived in this house for 42 years. (info from abstract)

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This house is at the corner of Breton & Missouri Streets - Photographed: 2006
From: The Miner's Prospect (1990 Souvenir Edition) ~ Dr. Townsend House - This house was built in 1905 & most recently has been known as Old Town of Potosi Antiques.........This house was built by Dr. J. F. Townsend & was occupied by him & his family until they moved to St. Ljouis in 1925.........The house was built by Acquilla Cole. It had wooden gingerbread, scalloped shingles at the eaves & diamond-shaped stsained glass windows. The porch & posts were of Georgian marble. The house was also known as the Roy Nicholson House since the Nicholson family lived there from 1925 until the 1970's.

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This church was designed by John Anderson Lankford, famous American black architect who was born in Potosi & was the son of former slaves. 

Back view - The church was built in 1906 on Breton Street not far from the old church.  Photographed: 20 Jan. 1999

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McGready House - Adjacent to City Cemetery
Photographed: March, 2007

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Photographed:  March 2007

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Loomis Apartments
At corner of Breton & High Street
Photographed: March, 2007

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Chadbourne Cemetery established 1826
Photographed: July 2003

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Spectra-Centurytel Building
Photographed: March 2007

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Potosi Abstract Office - Photographed: March, 2007

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Photographed: March 2007

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Photographed: March 2007