Irondale, Washington County, Missouri

Irondale was established by John Scott on the St. Louis Iron Mountian & Southern Railway when the railroad was constructed in 1858.  The Irondale furnace operated here for a number of years.  In 1886 Irondale contained three general stores, a drug & grocery store, the Irondale Cattle Company, a hotel, three churches & a public school.  Population was about 350.

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Irondale Depot - Year unknown.  This building no longer exists.   Picture from Bettye Warner.


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Ruins of the Iron Furnace Company Store & Warehouse.  Photographed: 2 May 1999

Front & back views


Ruins of the Iron Furnace Company Store & Warehouse.
Photographed: Aug. 2009



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Interior views of the ruins of the
Iron Furnace Company Store & Warehouse

Photographed:  2003
By Bettye Warner


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At right:   Irondale MO Flour Mill circa 1920 - This photograph shows two men posing inside a flour mill with four bags of their product. The bags bear the name of the Irondale Roller Mills and the Williams Moran Milling Company and include their Split Silk, Corn Meal, and Morning Glory "Milled from Selected Soft Wheat" lines. Picture from BettyeWarner.

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Above: Blue Haven Cafe in business over 50 years.
Photographed: 2 May 1999
Left:  Reconstructed log cabin.


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Depot Saloon ~ was run by Philip Rush the gr. gr. grandfather of Pat Weeks. Later her gr. grandmother, Isabel Rush Bridge, ran a candy store in the building until about 1930. Photographed by Pat Weeks May 2002

Depot Saloon ~ On the side of the building you can still see the faded lettering "OLD LYNCH RYE"  Isabel & her husband, Harry Bridge, moved to Irondale when they lost their Mineral Point home in a cyclone.  Photographed by Pat Weeks May 2002


Railroad Bridge


Old Irondale School
Photographed By: Bettye Warner - 2003

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