High Street, Potosi, Washington County, Missouri


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Debbie Kline, Sid Arment, Scott Light, Brenda Wurst, & Danielle Light (driving the wagon) were having a nice Saturday afternoon ride & stopping at Taco Bell for something cool to drink.  Photographed:  21 July 2007

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Presbyterian & Masonic Cemetery.  This picture is taken from High Street (Hwy.8)   Photographed: 1990's.

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Surveyor's Office - Photographed: March 2007

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Enlargement of old section stone in lower right corner of office window

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Surveyor's Office Window - Photographed: March 2007

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Washington County Library -   Photographed: 2 May 1999

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Independent Journal ~ Photographed: 2005

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The historic POTOSI HOTEL on High Street now houses a mini-mall.  In 1934, when it was still a hotel, Judge Harry S. Truman (who later became President of the United States) stayed here while on a campaign trip when he was running for the United States Senate.   Photographed: 2 May 1999

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City Hall ~ Photographed: 2005

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Antique Store ~ Photographed: 2004

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Stores on High St.


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Mama T's Restaurant
(formerly Kennon's)

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Ship's Gallery ~ Photographed: 2005

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Originally built in 1906. 
Restored by Dennis Eye in 2005.

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Casey Home built 1825. Casey family
members still reside in the house.
Photographed: 23 Sept. 2002

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This building across the street from the courthouse was
razed in April, 2006 to make a parking lot for the
court house. Photographed:  April, 2006

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Lutheran Church ~ photographed: 2006

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Historic home north side of High Street west of the Hwy. F intersection. Haunted. Photographed:  2006

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Super 8 Motel





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They call it "Progress"

The three beautiful old homes above
which stood side by side were
razed in July, 2006

The rumor is is that there is going
to be a modern office building
built in their place.

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Fountain at Boo's Market - W.High St. - August 2009
At left is High St. looking west.  2013