Potosi - North Missouri Street


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Overlooking Potosi from the Elks Lodge parking lot on N. Missouri St. near Hwy. 21.
Photographed: Sept. 2007


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Ornate building next to the courthouse.
See enlargements of designs at right.
Photographed: Oct.2006

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Old Washington County Abstract Office
Photographed: Oct. 2006

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Photographed: Oct. 2006


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Dennis Kelly House - circa 1860
Photographed: Oct. 2006

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Washington County Courthouse at intersection of Missouri & High Streets. Built 1907 - Photographed: Jan. 1999


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ST. JAMES CATHOLIC CHURCH-North Missouri St. -  Built 1859-1861.  The bricks were made from local clay by slaves.  Citizens of all denominations took refuge here & prayed for their lives when Gen. Shelby's Confederate troops bombarded the nearby courthouse with cannon fire during the "Battle of Potosi".  The rebels captured the town Sept. 27, 1864.          Photographed:October, 1998


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Potosi Methodist Church
built in 1903. 

It now houses the Belgrade State Bank who added to the structure & also preserved many of the beautiful features in the main building.
Photographed: July, 2003


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First Baptist ~ North Missouri St.
Photographed: 18 May 2002

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First Assembly of God ~ North Missouri St.
Photographed: 18 May 2002


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Photographed: March 2007

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Tulip Trees - Photographed: March 2007


Photographed: Oct. 2008

Photographed: Oct. 2008


Photographed: Oct. 2008