St. Louis County, Mo.

Esther M. Ziock Carroll has a (by-marriage) ancestral connection to this property.

Due to the confidential location of this property
 not all facts can be disclosed.


Foot steps on 2nd floor of antebellum home

Strange lights in home

Sighting of woman on front porch wearing a white flowing dress



Investigators present: Greg Myers, Judy Myers, Greg Myers cousin, Tom Halstead & others who were not officially part of the team including Esther & Gene Carroll

Tom Halstead set up a video camera to film in one of the downstairs rooms where he photographed an orb earlier while the rest of us explored the house.

Judy Myers spoke with a spirit in one of the upstairs rooms.  The spirit said the name "Esther".  At this time Judy & Esther Carroll had not been introduced & Judy did not know Esther Carroll's name yet.  They did not get acquainted until after the investigation when Judy was telling about the spirit saying the name.  That's when Esther Carroll told her, "That's my name!"  Everyone was kind of freaked out about it.  lol

After everyone was finished exploring the house the MPR team left for another location & Esther & Gene came home to Washington County, Mo.  Later after Tom reviewed the video he had taken a small ball of mist was filmed in the vacant room.  It moved across the room maybe eight inches above the floor & then dissipated into the wall.