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All the pictures on this page were submitted by: Sandi Henry

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Unknown #09

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Unknown #11- picture has been identified by Barb Goodson: Sitton School - spring 1933
1st row: Jesse Horton & Edgar Rundel;  2nd row:  Clyde Nipper, Clinton Jinkerson, George Nipper, Maxine Parks, Clayton Skaggs, Ivan Wilmoth, Jewell Jinkerson, Zelda Belfield, Thelma Jinkerson, Doris Parks;  3rd row:  Roy Midgett, Herschel Marler, Naomi Jinkerson, Geraldine Horton, Zelma Parks, Nina Rundel, Howard Belfield, Charles Belfield, Raymond Belfield, George Pierce, & the teacher, Robert Pierce;  4th row:  May Laramore, Opal Rundel, and Wilma Marler;   George Pierce was helping his brother at the time of eighth grade examinations. Roy, Herschel, Raymond, Opal,  and Geraldine were the graduates.


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Unknown #12

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Unknown #13 - lower middle picture Willie Welker - upper left, Ottis or Dick Welker I don't know the others - IDENTIFIED by: Carolyn Bowles


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Unknown #14

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Unknown #15 - First name begins with "H"
& last name is Rhodes


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Unknown #16



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