Jefferson County, Missouri


Lost History Museum - front view - Photographed: 2012

Lost History Museum - side view - photographed: 2012


Store & office next to Lost History Museum - photographed: 2012



Valles Mines, Missouri

Investigation By:



30 September 2011


The Lost History Museum is located in the town of Valles Mines, one of Missouri's oldest settlements.  According to the museum's curator, Steve Frazier, the town, once a thriving mining community, was founded by Francois Valle when he settled there in a log cabin built in 1749. The village that subsequently followed was named Valle's Mines.  The 260+ year old log cabin that Valle lived in has been added to over the years & is now part of The Lost History Museum which has a reputation for being haunted.

Esther & Gene Carroll, founders of The Ozark Haint Hunters, accepted the invitation of Just Curious Paranormal Studies to conduct an investigation of the Lost History Museum on 30 September 2011.  Everyone met at the museum at approximatiely 7:00 p.m.  After a brief tour of the building the investigation began.  Investigators present were Amy Armbruster - founder of J.C.P.S., Jamie Walker & Jennifer Martin of J.C.P.S., Esther & Gene Carroll of O.H.H   Following is the report of  Esther M. Ziock Carroll:

Flash light incidents:  During an EVP session Jennifer told any spirits that might be present to turn on her flashlight.  A few seconds later the flash light came on without anyone touching it.  When she told the spirit to turn the flashlight off the flashlight turned off.  The flash light came on & off numerous times throughout the evening without any of the investigating team touching it.

Ovilus response:  Jennifer turned on the Ovilus app on her phone but when checking it later it had been turned off.  She had not turned it off.  She turned it back on & it stayed on the remainder of the evening.  Often throughout the evening the Ovilus stated words that coincided with what we were doing or discussing at the moment.  This happened often enough to convince the investigators that a spirit was manipulating the Ovilus device.

Cold spot in office:  In the office room Esther detected a cold spot with her laser thermometer in one corner of the room.  The rest of the room measured anywhere from 60 degrees to 65 degrees however this corner stayed at 59 degrees for the 30+ minutes that the room was occupied.  As everyone was getting ready to leave for another room Esther took another reading of the cold spot but it was gone as the corner now measured 62 degrees.

Floor & chair vibrating:  In the upstairs room Amy was sitting in an arm chair.  After awhile she said she could feel the floor vibrating underneath her feet.  Jamie also felt this sensation where she was sitting.  Then Amy said she could feel the chair vibrating also.  Amy got up & Jennifer sat in the chair but could not feel anything.

EVP: Voice recorder picks up some very faint whispers but no specific words were discernible.

K2 Meter: The K2 meter responded twice during the evening (downstairs) indicating the presence of a ghost.

Orbs:  Esther had two orbs show up in photos that were taken downstairs & numerous orbs upstairs.  There was a cluster of orbs above & somewhat behind the chair that Amy said vibrated.

Miscellaneous: Several popping sounds were heard through out the evening however it is unsure if this was paranormal or the house settling as the temperature outside dropped.  At one point Jennifer felt something tickling her ear.  At the end of the investigation Esther found that her voice recorder had been turned off while upstairs when she had not turned it off. 

Everyone had a great time & the Carroll's are looking forward to going back again.


The chair to the left is the one that Amy felt vibrating.
There are several orbs above that chair.

Orb above Jamie in upstairs room.


Orb next to Jamie


Orb underneath cot in upstairs room

Orb underneath cot in upstairs room


Orbs in downstairs room

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