Washington County, Missouri
Investigation Date: Ongoing

Due to the confidential location of this antebellum home not all facts can be disclosed.  The grounds of this location are said to be haunted as well as the house;  It is possible that as many as five people or more may have died in the home over the years;   Union soldiers visited here during the Civil War to obtain food for the troops. 

HAUNTING HISTORY: As told by various occupants of the home

Mysterious footsteps heard on stairway in middle of night.

Ghostly mist/form seen floating down hallway

Voice heard in house when house was unoccupied.

Bedroom light comes on all by itself

Strange sounds from the kitchen that sound like someone rummaging around looking for something.

Living room curtains get pulled back by themselves as if someone is looking out the window.

Child refers to previous owner by name even though this child was never told anything about the former owner.

Living room tv turns on all by itself.

Occupants of the house sometimes smell different odors that can't be accounted for such as root beer when no one is drinking root beer & there is no root beer in the house.

The sound of plastic hangers clacking together in a closet.


INVESTIGATION RESULTS:   Investigators:  Esther & Gene Carroll & occupants of the home

Strange transparent figure of a man appears in picture of backyard.

Metal detector leaning against wall in upstairs room suddenly falls over without being touched.

Smoke detector kept sounding when there was no smoke.  Finally had to be dismantled.

Orb anomalies photographed on second floor.

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