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Potosi Fire Dept. on Jefferson St.
Photographed: Sept.2005

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Potosi Ambulance Shed, Jefferson St.
Photographed: 23 Sept. 2002



CARROLL FIRE - 27 February 2014
Gene was burning some trash & came inside the house to rest. He was only in the house maybe 10 minutes but the wind started in & when he went to go back out the yard was on fire! It was getting close to our garage & camper & into the edge of the woods with dry leaves so I called the fire department while Gene went out & did what he could to contain the fire. I told the dispatcher the brush buggy could probably handle it but they sent the brush buggy & a pumper too just in case. There were about a half dozen firemen & they all dove right in & got it under control in no time. Gene wanted to help them but with his heart trouble, high blood pressure & emphyzema he couldn't do much. We are really grateful that they got it taken care of.






6 March 2012
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Wilkinson Fire - Aug. 2009
2nd Gun Club Rd.

Wilkinson Fire - Aug. 2009
2nd Gun Club Rd.


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West High St. at Missouri St.

Picture photographed by  Ruth Ann Hill:  This was taken when the old Boyer Lumber company burned in Potosi.  I don't know the date when it happened -  it must have been in the late 70's because both my kids were in elementry school at the time.  This is where there is a vacant lot today, they made into a parking lot as you go down S. Missouri street, next  to what used to be the YMCA.  They had every fire truck within 50 miles of Potosi here that day.  I was standing in front of the court  house to take the picture.   






Washington County Journal
31 March 1870  ~  Pg. 3  Col. 7

The fire in town on the 23rd inst. has led our citizens to take a step long needed, in the establishment of a local fire department.  A subscription was promptly made sufficient to purchase the outfit for a hook & ladder company, & the equipment will be received this week.  A through organization should now be effected among those citizens of the town who have interest at stake & the company should be officered by thoroughly efficient men.  The the erection of a hook & ladder house & the appointment of a fire engineer by our Town Trustees would complete the organization & render our town property far more secure.



Three Fires Reported In County Past Week
Independent Journal - Pg. 1, Col. 2
26 May 1938

We learn of three fires in the county the past week.  Lightening struck the large stock barn on the Jess Bust farm near Tiff Sunday morning & it burned to the ground.  One mare, a lot of feed & some farm machinery, belonging to a Mr. Pierce, who has the farm rented, were burned.

Saturday night the home of Earl Isgriggs in Potosi was completely destroyed by fire.  Mr. Isgriggs also lost all his furniture & clothing.  He & his familly were away from home at the time & nothing was saved.

Tuesday the wash house at the Clarence Farrell home burned, together with an electric washing machine, clothes, oil stove, etc.



Fire of unknown origin broke out Tuesday, March 30, around 6 p.m. at the Washington County Library in Potosi.  Some 20,000 books represented part of the loss incurred in the fire which had gained rapid headway before it was discovered.  The fire apparently broke out soon after the library staff left the building at 5:15 p.m.  The library has been in existence since June, 1964, and is located in the Crow Building at the corner of Missouri and Mine St.   It is believed that approximately 5000 books were checked out at the time of the fire and another 5000 were in the bookmobile unit.  Submitted By:  Bettye Warner - The article was published Wednesday, March 31, 1965, at Page 1. 


28 January 1967 - The old Cole place on Breton Creek was destroyed by fire.

Submitted By: Christine Lembeck

Wyoming Post, December 14, 1872
 The larger portion of the business part of Potosi, Mo., has been destroyed by fire.  The Journal office was burned.
 Indianapolis Evening Journal, December 7, 1872
 Thirteen stores, shops, etc., including the Journal printing office, in Potosi, Missouri, embracing the larger portion of the business part of the town, were destroyed by fire yesterday. Loss not stated, but said to be heavy, with very little insurance.






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