Washington County, Missouri

The town of Webster was laid out in 1830 about 15 miles southwest of Potosi.  It was later purchased by the Palmer Lead Company & the name was changed to Palmer at around 1875.  Palmer is the home of "The Palmer Ghost" who is said to be the ghost of a woman who died circa 1850.  There was much Civil War activity in this area.  There is also the grave of a Civil War soldier killed in 1864 on Hwy. Z.  It is said that his ghost can sometimes be seen crossing the road at night by his grave - see picture below.   In the early 1900's Palmer was also the home of Pearl Pollard who later authored the "Patience Worth" novels.

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At left is the original historic Palmer Church. It was burned down by thieves/vandals in 1997. Picture of the original church provided by: Ray & Lynn Beers.


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At left & above is the new Palmer Church rebuilt as exact
as possible to the original & on the same foundation.
Photographed: winter 2003 by: Barb Goodson


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Old Palmer Store - picture provided by Ray & Lynn Beers.
Photographed: June 1967


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Palmer Spring located across from Palmer Church. Photographed: 12 May 2001

Someone wrote on the inside wall of the spring,
"When you drink hear think God."


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On left is a beautiful blooming bush draping over the creek near the spring/church.

Low-water bridge near Palmer Cemetery
Photographed: 12 May 2001


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This unknown Civil War soldier's grave is on Hwy.Z, 4/10 mile from Hwy. C    Photographed: 13 Oct. 2000

It is said that sometimes at night one can see his ghost crossing the road by the grave.


Palmer Slave Cemetery
Photographed: Feb. 2004 ~ Barb Goodson

This is the only tombstone left at the old Slave Cemetery at Palmer.  Rose Wingo, 14 year old daughter of T & Jane Wingo.  Died: March 16, 1872

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