William Buford

William Buford was born 1768 in Bedford Co., Virginia.  His parents were Ann Watts & Capt. John Thomas Buford.  William was married to Ann M. Pate.  He came to Missouri circa 1812 & settled in Bellevue Valley where he owned several hundred acres of land including where Caledonia now stands.  He is listed on the 1818 platt map of Caledonia as owning lots # 4, 5, 6, 9, 18.  Lot # 18 is where the Caledonia Wine Cottage now stands. He made a land entry in 1822 in T35 R2E ( Belgrade & Bellevue).  He owned slaves & was considered a man of wealth & substance.

One of William Buford's farms was at the foot of Buford Mountain which is named after him. It is the second highest mountain in Missouri.  Today Buford Mountain is known as Buford Mountain Conservation Area & consists of 3,743 acres.  It's highest peak is 1,740 feet above sea level.

William Buford died 17 Jan. 1842 & is buried in Eidson Cemetery near the foot of Buford Mtn.  His children were:

Abraham - never married

John - First white settler of Reynolds Co., Mo.

Mary (Polly) - married Henry Eidson

William - never married

Pate - never married

Nancy - married Bartlett W. Yeargain

James M. - never married