1750 - estimated birth year for Samuel

1785 - is in Fayette County Kentucky in 1785 when he signs a petition for Bourbon County to be formed from Fayette County

1788 - He is then listed on a 1788 tax list for Fayette County, Kentucky along with a James Wilson & Alexander, John, Joseph & Samuel Henderson.

1790 - He is in Bourbon County, Kentucky in the 1790 census along with Benj., David, Edward, James, Jeremiah, Peter, & William Wilson

1794 - Samuel is still in Bourbon County in 1794 as he is listed as the executor to the estate of Wm. McClure.

1800 - 1800 tax list (considered "2nd" census) for Bourbon County has a Samuel Wilson Sr. & Samuel Wilson Jr.

1801 - Samuel appears in Jefferson County, Missouri in 1801 - ".......settled on Little Rock creek, another branch of the Maramec, the early actual settlers were all Americans, thus we find Samuel Wilson and his son John (1801); John Henderson (1802); John Gillmore (1803); George Smirl, senior, (1801); James Smirl (1802); and George, junior, in the St. Louis District of what is now Jefferson County, Missouri" (from "History of Missouri", pg. 76, by Louis Houck).  

1805 - Is listed in the 1805 Missouri Territorial Census

1810 - 28 March - denied concession 335 on Grand Glaize Creek.  Issued to Jeduthan Kendall

1810 - 10 June - denied settlement right on survey 893 Grand Glaize Creek.  Issued to Jeduthan Kendall  (Note: The town of Barnhart now occupies the northeast corner of this survey).

1830 - Died prior to 1830 - not listed in 1830 census for JeffCoMo & since he was baptized by proxy it means Samuel died before 1841.

Children of Samuel Wilson:

Samuel - was the son of Samuel Wilson.  He was baptised by proxy by Samuel Wilson Henderson (his nephew) which means he died prior to 1841;

John - was the son of Samuel Wilson & was born circa 1775 - Married Mary Herrington. John died circa 1844 in Jefferson County, Missouri.

Elizabeth - was the daughter of Samuel Wilson & was married to John Henderson Sr. Elizabeth died prior 1841.



Property of Samuel & John Wilson & John Henderson in east Jefferson County, Mo






Bourbon Co., Ky. - McCLURE, William - Names wife, Elizabeth; oldest daughter, Lucy; son, John; 2nd
daughter, Jain; youngest daughter, Aliner. 20 Jun 1794. Executors: son John
and Samuel WILSON. (Will Book A, p. 194)


Bourbon Co., Ky.  - McCLURE, WILLIAM-A, 194-June 20, 1794. Wife, Elizabeth; oldest dau., Lucy; son, John; 2nd dau., Jain; youngest dau., Aliner. Son, John and Samuel Wilson, Extrs.

1812 - Samuel Wilson - (?Sr. or Jr.?) served in the War of 1812 under Capt. John Hughes (Washington Co., Mo.) 4th Mounted Riflemen under command of Col. Henry Dodge.  Mustered into service on the 9th of Sept. 1812 & out on the 25th Oct. but never saw any action.






Bourbon Co., Ky. Marriages:
Joseph Sparks & Ann Wilson are my husband, Gene Carrolls, ancestors:

Joseph Sparks Anne Wilson 01 Jan 1797


Bourbon Co., Ky. - WILSON, John - Mentions son-in-law, Jas. BURNS, all. Made 12 Mar 1795. Proved
Oct 1795. Witnesses: John BEGGS, Conrad CUSTER, John HINKSTON. Executor:
David WILSON. (Will Book A, p. 217)


Bourbon Co., Ky. - JAMESON, Samuel - My oldest brother, Wm. JAMESON's eldest son, Chas; to
Samuel ROBINSON (living with me); my only wife, Rebekah, at her death, land
to go to brother, David JAMESON's son, Samuel. Executors: Robt. FINLEY and
Jas. KIRKPATRICK. Made 29 Oct 1793. Proved Dec 1793. Witnesses: David
JAMESON, Geo. WILSON, Wm. ROBINSON. (Will Book A, p. 149)


Bourbon Co., Ky. - WILSON, GEORGE-D, 471-Wife, Elizabeth; sons, Hamilton, William and John, land in Henry Co.; five daus., names not given. Nov. 1, 1813-Dec. 1813. Wts.: Joshua 14. Philips, Henry F. Wilson, Joseph Perkins.


MERAMEC TOWNSHIP... The first farm on the west side of Big River above its mouth, was settled by James Green in the year 1809. Several years before the arrival of Green, Jacob and Christopher Shults, had located on the east side of Big River, but a short distance above its entrance into the Meramec. Ruth Wilson, the wife of L.C. Wilson of this township, is a daughter of James Green, and has been living in the county since 1809, and was a year old on first coming here with her father.


Place name: Grubville
Description: A post office in western Big River Township near the Franklin County line. The postal guides listed this post office in Franklin County from 1868 to 1889 and since 1889 in Jefferson County, but it could not be found that the county line had changed. When the postmaster asked for a name, a man by the name of Wilson had been "grubbing" or digging out small post oaks, known locally as grubs, and suggested the name, Grubville. (Postal Guide (1868--); Goodwin (1867), 46; MISSOURI GAZ. (1876); COUNTY HIST. (1888); 446; Hart)
Source: Welty, Ruth. "Place Names of St. Louis And Jefferson County." M.A. thesis., University of Missouri-Columbia, 1939.



Jefferson Co., Mo.

Jefferson Democrat 1880, Murder of Andrew Wilson and Martha Shultz (McAnally, Huskey) - for complete story go to:             

Jefferson Democrat 1881, Murder of Joseph Yerger (Spradling, Drentel, Wilson, Thistle, Rogers) - for complete story go to:

Lynx - August 1878 (Johnston, Wilson, Moss) - For complete story go to:


From: Beth Wilson At least one of John Wilson's grandchildren says on the census that her father was born in Kentucky. A Bartholomew Herrington signed petition #28 in 1785 that resulted in Bourbon County, Kentucky being formed from Fayette County. As I mentioned before many think that John Wilson's wife Mary was the daughter of Bartholomew. On the same petition was a Samuel Wilson. Bartholomew helped to lay out roads in Campbell County,Kentucky in 1796 and was in court records there through 1799. The Smirls may have been in the same areas. Bartholomew may have been in Westmoreland County, PA in 1783 on a tax list and I think there were Wilsons there also. A Bartholomew Hetherington was in the Rev. War from Westmoreland County, PA.

HERRINGTON - these are not my ancestors but this information is helpful in researching the Wilsons.

Joseph Bartholomew Herrington - born 10 Apr. 1740  Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Son of Sarah Leeks & Abraham Herrington. Married Elizabeth ? He settled at Pevely, Jefferson County, Missouri in the year 1800.  Died 28 Sept. 1821& buried in Herrington Cemetery,  Jefferson Co., Mo.  Children of Elizabeth & Joseph:

Mary Elizabeth - 1779 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.

Isaac - 1780 Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. Married Sarah Hildebrand. Isaac died 26 Mar 1822 Jefferson Co., Mo.

John - 1782 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.  Married Nancy Smirl. John died 19 Mar 1864 Jefferson Co., Mo.

Samuel - 1786 in Kentucky.  Married Sarah Wickerham. died 1849 Jefferson Co., Mo.

William - 1788 in Kentucky Died 1863 Jefferson Co., Mo.

Jane - 1790

Joshua - born 27 May 1800 in Hendersonville, Monroe County, Illinois   Died 14 Sep 1883 Pevely, Jefferson Co., Mo.


Sources:  Beth Wilson ,, Houck's History of Missouri, Baptisms for Samuel W. Henderson, Rand Henderson, Jefferson County Missouri GenWeb, Fayette County Kentucky GenWeb, Bourbon County Kentucky GenWeb,  Biography of Capt. John Hughes; ;