Jefferson County, Missouri


In 1799 Francis Valle, Commander at Ste. Genevieve, gave Franics Wideman & as many of his connections as he could induce to come to this country permission to settle, provided they would settle fifteen miles from the settlements. .........in this list of names it mentions Bartholomew Herrington who was connected to the Wilson family..............Goodspeed's History of Jefferson County Missouri page 372 - All of the parties named or their heirs or legal representatives obtained homesteads by virtue of their settlements made by the permission of the Spanish officers."

1800 - Samuel Wilson has claim for survey 335 in JeffCoMo. along with Jeduthan Kendal.  800 arpents

1801 - Samuel appears in Jefferson County, Missouri in 1801 - ".......settled on Little Rock creek, another branch of the Maramec, the early actual settlers were all Americans, thus we find Samuel Wilson and his son John (1801); John Henderson (1802); John Gillmore (1803); George Smirl, senior, (1801); James Smirl (1802); and George, junior, in the St. Louis District of what is now Jefferson County, Missouri" (from "History of Missouri", pg. 76, by Louis Houck).

Index to the Minutes of the first and second Board of Land Commissioners Missouri 1805-12, 1832-35

Book 1, page 525
9 September 1806
John Wilson duly sworn says that one Henderson settled the said tract of land in the beginning of 1802, that he did prior to and on the 20th day of December 1803, actually inhabit and cultivate the same that he had then a wife and 3 children, and further that in the year 1801, one Samuel Wilson, the father-in-law of said Henderson obtained from the commandant a permission to settle for himself and his children.

Book 4, page 246-47
5 January 1810
George Smirl, Jr. (John Wilson's granddaughter married into the Smirl family and they were tied by marriage to the Herringtons), assignee of John Henderson, claiming 1003 arpens of land. John Wilson affirmed says that John Henderson inhabited and cultivated this land in 1802, and continued to do until 1805. In 1803, had a wife and 3 children, that the said John Henderson is the son-in-law of Samuel Wilson, Sr. and came to this country with the remainder of said Wilson's family.

Early Settlers of Missouri as taken from Land Claims in the Missouri Territory
Commissioner's certificates issued in 1810, by the Board of Commissioners for ascertaining & adjusting titles & claim of lands in the Territory of Louisiana [Missouri]  (Also listed in this book but not included in the chart below were Andrew, George & Robert Wilson; George Henderson)



Person who claimed land

In whose favor issued

Nature of claim

Water Course





March 28

Samuel Wilson, Sr.

Judathan Kendal


Grand Glaize



St. Louis


July 31

Bartholomew Herrington

Bartholomew Herrington


River Gravoix



St. Louis


June 7

John Henderson

John Henderson

Settlement Right

Little Rock Creek



St. Louis


June 10

John Wilson

John Wilson

Settlement Right

Little Rock Creek


350 (622)

St. Louis


June 10

Samuel Wilson

Judathan Kendal

Settlement Right

Grand Glaize


450 (715)

St. Louis




Survey for John Wilson - 1806 - 735 arpents - Little Rock Creek  - Adjacent to S. Smirl Jr. - District of St. Louis



Top Center:  John Wilson   Top Right:  John Henderson - John Henderson's property is near Mastodon State Park (west).
Bottom Right:  Jeduthan Kendall & Samuel Henderson - Samuel's claims were denied & land was issued to Jeduthan Kendall





From:  Doris Hopper's Transcriptions

Jacob Wilson  ------

John M. Wilson  ------

John M. Wilson  -------

Leonard Wilson  -------

S.P. Wilson  ------

John Wilson  4 Oct. 1821

Leonard Wilson  17 Sept. 1833

John Wilson  4 Oct. 1833

Solomon B. Wilson 13 March 1834

Jacob Wilson 21 May 1836

James Wilson  29 Sept. 1836

Solomon B. Wilson - 3 Oct. 1836

David Wilson  17 Oct. 1836



Ephraim Wilson  28 Nov. 1837

Lewis C. Wilson  15 Dec. 1837

Adam Wilson  7 March 1838

Samuel Wilson  10 April 1839

John M. Wilson  2 Oct. 1841

Ephriam Wilson  7 Dec. 1844

?Iubal? Wilson  26 June 1846

Robert Wilson 8 Feb. 1852

John M. Wilson  9 Feb. 1852

John M. Wilson  19 Dec. 1857

Charles Wilson  1 Feb. 1860

Lewis C. Wilson 15 Nov. 1860