AUGUST "GUS" THEODORE ZIOCK was born 12 October 1904 in St.Louis, Missouri.  He was the son of Esther Horrocks and August Ziock, Jr.   Guses mother died when he was only eight years old.  He lived for about a year with his maternal grandparents then he was raised by his paternal grandparents Elise Schrobeck & August Ziock,Sr., who had come to St. Louis from Germany.

As a child & young man he roller skated on Gravios Rd when it was only one lane.  He & his friends used to swim across Creve Coeur Lake & back.  When Gus was 17 he & a friend took a two day bicycle trip to Jefferson County, Mo.  I was told that he was quite a dancer when he was young but I never once saw him dance during my lifetime.  And I was given the impression that he was also quite the ladies man in his bachelor days.  His family thought he would never get married.

Gus married my mother, Mrs. Pearl Martin Cash, in 1945 & I, Esther M. Ziock, was their only child. We were living on Exeter Ave. in Shrewsbury, St. Louis when I was born. It was in the middle of the night when mom went into labor so daddy went out to start the car to take her to the hospital.  But the car, an old Terraplane, wouldn't start.  So daddy hooked up the side-car to his motorcycle, put some pillows & blankets in it & carried mom out & put her in the side-car & away we went to the hospital.  It was about 1:00 in the morning so there was no traffic & I was told that daddy ran every red light there was to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

Around 1954 we moved to Chesterfield, Missouri & lived on Wild Horse Creek Rd. behind the Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery.

My father always claimed he could not speak more than a few words of German even though German was spoken in the household where he grew up.  But one time when he & my mother & I were vacationing at Lake Norfolk we stopped in at a local restaurant that was run by an elderly German couple.  Daddy talked to them for maybe half an hour & my mother & I could not understand a single word - it was all in German!

Gus was an electrician and after working for Stephen Electric for many years he became employed with one of the larger, prominent companies in St. Louis - Sachs Electric.  He worked for this company for 13 years until his retirement at age 65.  Some of the jobs he worked on in St. Louis were:  The Gateway Tower (CBS Building), the Federal (FBI) Building, Famous & Barr Department Store, Barnes Hospital, Scullin Steele, & an apartment building which I can no longer remember the name of.  He also worked at the Labadie Plant in St. Louis County. 

When daddy worked at the Gateway Tower building (see article later on this page) it was near where the St. Louis Arch was being built at the same time.  There are some pictures of him (if I can ever find them I will post them) of him waaaaaaaaayyy up high on a crane where he & another man volunteered to go out on the crane to dislodge a jammed cable.  You can see the Arch in the background.  Sometimes when daddy was off work he would walk down to the arch from his job site to observe the Arch construction.  

I remember one time when daddy worked at Scullin Steele he came home from work in the middle of the day which was very unusual.  It was because a fellow worker had gotten killed on the job.  The man that died had stepped in the wrong area & fell through one of the glass panels of the roof falling 2 stories to his death.   Everyone was sent home for the remainder of the day.

When daddy worked at the Federal Building he had to have a certain level of security clearance to work there.

At Famous & Barr he wired up the animated Christmas displays in the windows one year along with other work.  I think he may have worked on the escalators there too.  Can't remember for sure.

He did a lot of work at Barnes Hospital.  One time there was a major cable that needed to be cut.  It was down in a pit & it was decided to do this at midnight as that is when the power output level was the lowest for the hospital.   This was considered a very dangerous job & they would not order anyone to do it but asked for volunteers.  Only two men were needed - one to cut the cable & one to stand nearby with a 2 x 4 to knock the cable  loose should the cutter get electrocuted.   My father & one other man volunteered.  And daddy volunteered to do the cable cutting.  I remember my mother & I staying up well past midnight waiting for the phone to ring if there was bad news.  But it never rang & the job was completed with daddy returning home safely.

When daddy worked at the apartment building he took mom & I there for visit one weekend. He had a key to the building & we went up to the 22nd floor (if I remember correctly).  No elevator was working yet & the upper floors still had no walls or floors yet.  There were planks laying all around where the workmen used them to walk on in lieu of floors. Mom or I did not walk on any of the planks - we just stayed in one spot & looked around. God that was scary!  I don't know how daddy & the other guys did it!  Sure was glad to get my feet back down on solid ground.

For a brief time, about 2 years I think, daddy was made foreman of one of the jobs he was on.  He did not like being foreman at all & was glad when the job was over & he could go back to being a regular electrician.

Gus died in 1976 and is buried in Shephard Hills Cemetery, Antonia, Jefferson County, Missouri near where his sister, Lilian, resided.


1904 - August T. Ziock is born

1910 - Gussie is living with his father, mother & sister at ?3420? Missouri Ave.

1912 - 18 March August Theodore Ziock was baptized in Evangelical Lutheran faith - Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Ziock were his sponsors, L. Buchheimer - Pastor

1913- attending Bayless elementary school

1913 - Gussie's mother dies

1918 - 24 March - Confirmed in the Lutheran faith ~Church of Our Redeemer, St. Louis - L. Bucheimer - pastor

1919 - 24 Jan. August T. Ziock is listed as one of the graduates of Madison School at the auditorium at 7th & LaSalle St.'s, St. Louis.

1920 - In the census daddy is living with his grandparents along with his father & aunt Bertha in ward 7 at 1017 Rutger Ave.

1921 - his grandfather, Aug. Sr., dies

1924 - listed as electrician living at 2728 Miami along with his father.

1943 - electrician with Samson Electric

1943 - Letters from Bertha Ziock to Gussy Ziock

1945 - Gus is residing on Exeter Ave., Shrewsbury, St. Louis, Mo.

1945 - Gus marries Mrs. Pearl Martin Cash

1948 - Their daughter, Esther, is born

1950 - Guses father, August Ziock, Jr., dies

1954 - The Gus Ziock family moves to Chesterfield, Mo.

1956 - Gus leaves Stephen Electric & begins working for Sachs Electric

1969 - Gus retires & his daughter gets married

1970 - Gus & Pearl celebrate their Silver (25th) Wedding Anniversary

1976 - Gus passes away


Daddy's name is listed in October - third name from top.

GusZiock03.JPG (41364 bytes)

Gussie Ziock - Possibly his Christening Picture

BaylessSchool1913.JPG (26645 bytes)
Bayless School 1913 Grades 3 & 4.  Believe that
Gus Ziock is first row far left stooping on one knee.

GusZiock04.JPG (38206 bytes)

Gussie Ziock's confirmation picture taken in 1918.

MeekHome&Family&GussieZiock.JPG (32269 bytes)

Taken on the front steps on the Meek home. Gussie Ziock is in front & believe the other two boys are Walter & Stanly.    Don't know who the women are.  One is possibly Mrs. Meek & the other may be Alvena Langbein.

GusZiock01.JPG (12469 bytes)

Gussie Ziock

GussieZiock01.JPG (5628 bytes)

Gussie Ziock

Gussie&Lil01.JPG (29804 bytes)

Gussise Ziock with his sister Lillie Ziock

GussieZiock02.JPG (31159 bytes)
Gussie Ziock

GussieZiock03.JPG (30682 bytes)
Gussie Ziock

GussieZiock&2others.JPG (36148 bytes)

?Walter & Stanley Meek? & Gussie Ziock

Two Day Road Trip ~ 28/29 May 1921

George's House.JPG (8058 bytes)

George's house at Schmitt 1&1/2 miles north of Pevely. ?Remisch? Spring 28 May 1921

FarmerBrown&hisdogs.JPG (9991 bytes)

Farmer Brown of Silica & his 2 dogs.  Stopped at his house on 2 day trip.
29 May 1921

FarmerBrown'sChickens.JPG (7771 bytes)

Farmer Brown's chickens.
29 May 1921

FarmerBrown'sChild.JPG (8964 bytes)

Farmer Brown's child?
29 May 1921

GusZiock-2daytrip.JPG (10647 bytes)

Gus Ziock at a spring taken on a 2 day trip.
29 May 1921

Unknown-2dayroadtrip.JPG (8869 bytes)

William-2dayroadtrip.JPG (8227 bytes)

William ?Longeaf? taken at a spring on our 2 day trip 29 May 1921

GusZiock&LilZiockPalmer.JPG (9318 bytes)

Gus Ziock & Lil Ziock Palmer    30 May 1921

AmericanMotorcycleAssociationPin.jpg (3460 bytes)This is a pin from the American Motorcycle Association. Probably for four years of membership.  I remember my mother telling me one time that they always won the "Dirtiest Motorcycle" contest at the state fair as they had a long drive to get there & after their arrival they would kick dirt all over their motorcycle to get it as dirty as they could.  I have two pictures of daddy at the AMA annual "Gypsy Tour" in St. Louis in 1946 & 1948 showing hundreds of motorcycles all lined up. The pics are about two feet long & have to be kept rolled up.  I'll see if I can get them copied & put on this web page


American Motorcycle Association's annual Gypsy Tour - July 1946 - My parents are in this picture to the left.
I couldn't put the whole pic on-line as it is approx. 3 feet long & has to be stored rolled up in a cylinder.
It was taken in front of St. Louis Soldier's Memorial.  The group rode from St. Louis to the town of Washington, Mo.


Daddy & mom - 1946 - mom has motorcycle hat on.

Aunt Cora  (10 years old) & daddy - 1948


Aunt Cora (10 years old) & daddy - Sept. 1948 - Taken in front of St. Louis City Hall
I couldn't put the whole pic on-line as it is approx. 3 feet long & has to be stored rolled up in a cylinder.

GusZiock02.JPG (24717 bytes)

Gus Ziock mowing the back yard at our house on Exeter Ave., Shrewsbury, St. Louis, Missouri - 1950's

Gibson,Palmer,Ziock.JPG (29438 bytes)

John Gibson at left bending over & working on engine; Johnny Palmer (gr. nephew of Gus Ziock) standing on bumper; Gus Ziock at right of truck. Photographed: 1967 at Shook, Mo.

This was my father's clock.
It has to be wound with a key.

Ziock-LiveWires01.jpg (10457 bytes)
Ziock-LiveWires02.jpg (35076 bytes)

This article appeared in the "Live Wires" Newsletter of 1967: Architecturally, Gateway Tower's imposing exterior promises to be among the notable creations of the firm of Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum.  In its key position on the riverfront, it is destined to impress viewers with its dark, solar bronze glass & anodized aluminum window wall.   "The strong lines of the balconies, repeated in the cap & base, create a sense of height & strength, a feeling of being a tower rather than a slab" Gyo Obata says.

Incoming electrical power supply will be delivered to the main switchboard at 265/460 vold, 3-phase, 4-wire, rated at 4000 amperes, expandable to double that capacity inthe future.  A 250 KW Diesel engine driven generator will provide emergency lighting of stairs, corridors & fire protection equipment, telephones & limited elevator service.  A technical area cooling system & studio newsroom ventilation system will also be served from the emergency power system unless the fire pump is required during a power failure.  The distribution system will consist of seperate feeders to the CBS areas & dual bus ducts to the Tower general office floors.   A secondary tie will be provided between the bus ducts.  In the event of fault on one of the bus ducts, power may befed from the other after faulty section has been removed.  The main mechanical room is situated on the twenty-first floor;  here the three 325-ton centrufugal chillers are installed;  one to serve the four floors occupied by CBS (KMOX & KMOV-TV) & two for the rental floors.

Regulation of the distribution system serving television technical equipment  will be achieved through a 150 KVA induction type voltage regulator to minimize voltage spread.  A complex & extensive cable ladder system wtih wireways, raceways & trays & shafts will handle distribution of audio-video wiring.  For the most part,flourescent lighting will be connected to the 265 volt lines.  Other electrical equipment & convenience outlets are connected to 120/208 volt power through stepdown transformers with one transformer serving each three floors.

Office areas will have two-lamp, 40 watt, heat-transfer type flourescent troffers at the center of each 5 ft. building module.  this will provide approximately 80 to 100 foot candles of maintained illumination.  Supply air hoods will be fitted over the troffer to force air into the space below.  Return air will pass through the lamp chamber removing the heat fromthe lamps as well as increasing light output.  Quartz iodine lamps in the 20 ft. high lobby area will illuminate thelobby & adjacent exterior overhang.

Studio production lighting will be plugged in to individually controlled20 & 50 ampere circuits at the ceiling catwalk & grid network.  Each circuit is directly connected through central path-panels & dimmer boards.  Lighting over the control console will come from adjustible quartz lamp fixtures mounted to continous plug-in track.   The beam pattern will be individually adjusted to eliminate stray light to the monitors while providing the desired color temperature of light source compatible with production lighting.

Completion of Gateway Tower is scheduled for 1968.  It is a joint venture of Columbia Broadcasting System & Transurban Redevelopment Corporation.  During construction CBS is being represented by Mr. Mike Salgo, Mr. Norman Brodessor & Mr. Joel Okum & Transurban by Mr. William E. Hutton;  Architects, Hellumth, Obata & Kassabaum represented by Mr. William J. Harris, Vice President;  General Contractor, C. Rallo Contracting Co. Inc. represented by Mr. Nick Rallo & Mr. Richard Dengler, Superintendent;  Mechanical / Electrical Engineer, William Tao & Associates represented by Mr. Richard A Kotteman.  For Sachs Electric, Project Engineers, Normal L. Krause & Ed Neidel;  General Forman, Homart Bamcom;  Foremen,  August Ziock & Gerald Walker.

Gus_Ziock.JPG (2815 bytes)

Gus Ziock

Ziock,Palmer.JPG (15733 bytes)

Gus Ziock, his niece Corrine Palmer & her mother (Guses sister) Lil Ziock Palmer ~ Photographed 1970 at Guses 25th wedding anniversary.

GusZiock1974.JPG (2289 bytes)

Gus Ziock

Obituary appeared in St. Louis Post Dispatch - 13 Sept. 1976

Shephard Hill Cem.JPG (13851 bytes)

Entrance to Shephard Hill Cemetery on old Hwy. M where my father, August T. Ziock is buried.   Photographed: 1 June 2002


Gus Ziock's tombstone at Shephard Hills Cemetery, Jefferson County, Missouri.  My mother later remarried & is buried by her 3rd husband in Redbud Memorial Gardens, Potosi, Mo.