Seminary Rd., Sullivan, Franklin County, Mo. 
This investigation was conducted by:
The Franklin County Paranormal Society
13 Aug. 2011



Cousin Angie by the spider.


Sullivan, Franklin County, Mo. 
13 Aug. 2011

Report of  Esther M. Ziock Carroll:

The weather was pleasant with a full moon & a few clouds, temperature in the 70's.  We noticed no fireflies in the area.  The only insects we saw were a spider spinning a web, a cockroach, & one moth down by the vehicles.  We also heard a screech owl trilling in the woods west of the church & the katydids were very noisy as they usually are this time of year.

This is a pre-1930's cemetery with over 660 burials.  Investigators present:  Dennis Breeding founder of F.C.P.S., Angie Clouse from F.C.P.S, Esther & Gene Carroll (The Ozark Haint Hunters) from F.C.P.S., & Tom Halstead from G.U.T.S. Paranormal

We arrived at the cemetery at approximately 8:30 p.m., & began organizing our equipment.  The batteries in Angie's camera went dead even though they were new & fully charged. After replacing the camera batteries  we headed into the cemetery.  While photographing the full moon with my digital camera an unusual orb anomaly appeared in one of my pictures.  Angie photographed an orb atop the tombstone of James Crow.  Tom photographed a small burst of light above a tombstone in about the middle of the cemetery.  Part way through the investigation Angie & I took a break & went down by the vehicles.  Upon returning to the cemetery Angie felt a cool spot near the cemetery gate.  As we both proceeded through the gate into the cemetery we noticed an immediate temperature drop as if all the cemetery was cooler than on the outside of the graveyard.

Later, while participating in an EVP pow wow, I was sitting near & facing the tombstone of Martha Philips when I observed a small (approximately five inch square) shadow move across the middle of the stone to the right & disappear into the darkness of night.  Angie was sitting on my left & Dennis & Tom were on my left behind Angie.  They tried making shadows on the stone to see if it had been any of us who possibly inadvertently made the shadow & determined it was not any of us.  At another time during the EVP pow wow I heard a brief sound as if someone were scratching on wood (we were sitting near a tree).  Angie briefly smelled the fragrance of lavender. Dennis was using the laser thermometer & sensed the presence of a spirit.  He asked the spirit questions & told the spirit to drop the temperature by one degree in response to questions.  With each question asked the temperature dropped by one degree.  Tom video-taped the thermometer as this happened. For about 30 seconds I felt a slight cool breeze on my right side.

After the pow wow Tom & Dennis left shortly before Angie & I.  As we began to leave I heard an unusual squeaking type of sound at the edge of the cemetery by the woods.  Angie did not hear it.  As we got almost to the cemetery gate Angie turned to say something to me & she briefly observed the appearance of a small girl dressed in a flowing white gown like a christening dress.  It only lasted 2 or 3 seconds moving from one tombstone to another over towards the woods.  We shined our flashlights over in that area but saw nothing.

Everyone left the cemetery at around 10:30 p.m.  Gene & I came back to Washington County while the others of the team proceeded to another location.

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